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Fatigue & Distraction

Operator Fatigue & Distraction

Fatigued and distracted equipment operators are present on every mine site every day, and the consequences can be costly, even fatal. Detect can help you identify fatigue and distraction — and address it — in real time.

We combine industry-leading technology with our expertise to:

  • Assess your operation and identify the scope of the issue
  • Instantly alert operators the moment fatigue or distraction is identified
  • Gather and analyze data to notify onsite personnel about drowsy or distracted operators
  • Reduce risky operator behaviors
  • Assist with change management training and shiftwork consulting
  • Offer resources such as training, operator coaching and educational support
Dangers of Fatigue
Fatigue Monitoring
Fatigue Risk Assessment
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Driver Safety System

Driver Safety System

The key to the Detect fatigue and distraction solution is the Driver Safety System (DSS), a non-intrusive, in-cab detection technology that instantly alerts operators the moment fatigue or distraction is identified. It works by monitoring eye-closure duration and head pose. If the system detects a fatigue or distraction event, the operator is immediately alerted through an in-vehicle seat vibration and audio alarm.

Data from the DSS is fed to the Monitoring Center, where safety advisors work around the clock to analyze data and video from the DSS to notify onsite personnel about drowsy or distracted driving. The monitoring center delivers customized reporting and analysis with site-level recommendations and provides the opportunity to develop customer Fatigue Intervention Plans with shiftwork experts.

Guardian 2

Similar to the DSS, Guardian 2 is a lighter-weight solution made specifically for on-highway applications. A camera monitors the operator’s head and eyes, looking for signs of fatigue or distraction. If fatigue or distraction are detected, Guardian 2 provides immediate in-vehicle intervention: the seat vibrates and an audio alarm sounds. This solution is not suitable for mining machines.

Fatigue & Distraction Risk Assessment 

The Fatigue and Distraction Risk Assessment give you the power to see risk in your operations. We’ll leverage technologies like DSS to help you visualize and quantify the prevalence of fatigue and distraction on your site. Caterpillar experts will help you make immediate improvements and create a long-term plan for performance excellence. The assessment includes:

  • On-Site Manager Workshop. This workshop empowers leaders with the knowledge and awareness necessary to understand the sources of fatigue and distraction and how they impact performance.
  • 90-Day Intensive Data Collection. We’ll implement technology solutions that gather data to reveal the scale of your fatigue and distraction risk.
  • Report Out to Management. You’ll receive a detailed analysis that clearly depicts the scope of risk in your operation.
  • Change management expertise to help smoothly implement new technology at every level of operations.

Fatigue Management Case Study

One of the most dangerous aspects of fatigue is that it’s very difficult to self-diagnose. By the time an operator realizes fatigue is bearing down, multiple microsleeps have likely already happened. Microsleeps often occur unbeknownst to the operator, and usually go undetected by anyone else on the job site. Our mining customer took its fatigue management strategy to the next level using Cat® Driver Safety System (DSS). Learn more about the risks they identified and positive results they experienced

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Case Study

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Follow along with our journey to zero, beginning in 2006 with the mining technology assessment that resulted in the development of the Driver Safety System, Connected Worker wearables and more.

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