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Terrain for Drilling

Cat® MineStar™ Terrain for Drilling

Effective mining starts with accurate drilling. That means drilling every hole precisely to plan, at the proper angle and the correct depth. Cat® MineStar™ Terrain for drilling provides precision guidance that helps operators complete patterns accurately and productively. It pays other dividends, as well, by improving safety, reducing costs and recording data about drilled stratification to aid in planning blasts and improving fragmentation.

  • Maximizes blasting efficiency and boosts accuracy
  • Reduces over- and under-drilling of holes
  • Improves production efficiency and reduces the amount of survey work
  • Enhances safety by enabling avoidance zones in hazardous areas
  • Helps mines achieve proper fragmentation with less explosive material
  • Provides robust reporting that outlines drill productivity, availability, utilization, and compliance to plan
Optimized Drilling
Impacting the Value Chain
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