How Much Will Dgb™ Engines Save You? Use The Tool To Find Out.

How Much Will Dgb™ Engines Save You? Use The Tool To Find Out.


The big question when you’re weighing whether Dynamic Gas Blending™ (DGB™) engines are the right choice for your frac trailers is this: How much diesel fuel will you actually save? Don’t rely on Excel spreadsheet calculations or generic online tools that make too many broad assumptions. Use our Fuel Cost Estimator to get real numbers you can use to make a smart economic decision for your fleet.



The Fuel Cost Estimator is available online for anyone to use. All you need is a Caterpillar Web Security (CWS) ID and password to get started. (Don’t have one? Request it from the tool’s opening screen.) Then, it’s just a matter of entering your data. The more you provide, the more accurate your fuel savings estimate. It’s a good idea to have the following information at the ready as you use the tool:

  • Fuel sample analysis – use your own or choose one of our pre-loaded options
  • Load profile of your fleet – engine speed, load and hours per year of operation
  • Site information – location, altitude and ambient temperature
  • Fuel costs – prices you’re paying for both gas and diesel

If you have that data on hand, it should only take about 15-30 minutes to complete the tool.

Get real fuel consumption rates and costs

Once you’ve entered your data, the Fuel Cost Estimator analyzes the information to generate fuel consumption and cost data specific to your fleet. It generates a report comparing two different engines — one with DGB and one without. You’ll get a side-by-side look at:

  •  Diesel consumption
  •  Gas consumption
  • Diesel cost per hour
  • Gas cost per hour
  • Percent of diesel displacement
  • Fuel requirements (heat rate, methane number and lower heating value)

You can print your results right from the tool or export your report as a PDF.

3512E Tier 4 Final Dynamic Gas Blending Engine

The first in the industry certified to U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final, this innovative dual-fuel engine automatically maximizes the amount of gas used to displace diesel. You save big on fuel without giving up the performance of diesel.

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Well Service 3512E DGB Engine

Questions about DGB?

Want to dive deeper into the fuel savings — or want to know more about how our innovative DGB engines deliver the performance you expect while reducing your costs and your emissions footprint? Our DGB experts are standing by to help. 

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Questions about DGB?