C32B Marine Engine

Introducing The New 2025 mhp Cat C32B Marine Engine

Be one of the first to put the new Cat® C32B 2025 mhp marine engine in your boat, and you’ll earn the right to boast a little (or a lot). After all, choosing the new C32B means you’ve hooked the latest engine on the market, all new from the block up and perfectly designed for sport fishing. Here are four ways it’ll make you the envy of everyone else on the water.


1.     You’ll leave the others in your wake.

More horsepower equals more speed, and this 2025 mhp marine engine gets you to (and from) your favorite fishing spot faster. Plus, with an “E” tier rating, the Cat C32B gives you the power to run at wide-open throttle — the full 2025 mhp — as much as 8% of the time. That’s at least 3% longer than the closest competitor.

And you don’t have to worry about added weight slowing you down, either. The new C32B delivers a 5% power increase over the previous model with just a 2% weight increase. It’s more muscle in the same package, making it a great choice for repowers as well as new builds.





2.    You’ll enjoy the luxury of a quiet conversation.

We wouldn’t blame you for wanting to shout the advantages of this new 2025 mhp marine engine from the bridge — but the good news is, you won’t have to. The C32B is so much quieter than its predecessor that you can hold a conversation on deck at normal volume even when your boat is running at full throttle.

How much quieter, exactly? 25% under low-speed conditions. That’s thanks to the C32B’s advanced unit injection fuel system. Like common rail fuel systems used on other high-horsepower engines, it fires multiple injections of fuel per power stroke — reducing noise.

This fuel system brings other benefits, too, like redundancy. A failed high-pressure fuel pump renders a common rail system inoperable. With unit injection, however, you can still bring your boat home if an injector fails. This tried-and-true technology — part of our C32 engine platform since 2006 — is also simple to service.

3.   You can rest easy while the rest worry.

Ask other fishing boat owners and they’ll tell you: The Cat marine engine warranty can’t be matched. The new C32B comes with unlimited-hour protection for the first two years, and you can add Extended Service Coverage (ESC) for the next three. When the first five years are up, just have your Cat dealer inspect the engine, then add another five years of ESC. That’s a total of 10 years of coverage — and peace of mind every time you go out on the water.

Want even more reassurance? Consider this: The American-made C32B is the next generation of the proven, reliable C32 platform — a more powerful version of a product you already know and love. We’ve put the C32B through more than 30,000 hours of testing to ensure its reliability.

And of course, this new 2025 mhp marine engine is backed by the support of the Cat dealer network around the globe. You’re never far from the parts, service and support you need, no matter where you are on the water.

4.    You’ll fish while they futz with filters and fluids.

If you’re not thinking about filters and fluids when you make your engine decision, maybe you should. As engines get more powerful, system cleanliness gets more important. The C32B’s Ultra High Efficiency Plus Filters — white to match your engine — keep out more contamination so engine components last longer.

And, if you keep using the right Cat filters and fluids and work with your local Cat dealer to take regular S•O•SSM fluid samples, there’s a good chance you can extend your oil change interval on the C32B out to 500 hours. That’s less time spent on maintenance and more time spent fishing.

Don’t let the bragging rights go to someone else. Get ahold of your Cat dealer today to get your order in for the new 2025 mhp Cat C32B marine engine. And be sure to ask what else is coming soon to our sport fishing engine lineup — you won’t want to miss it.

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