C2.2 (Single Phase)


Product Specifications for C2.2

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Generator Set Specifications

Engine Specifications

Generator Specifications

Dimensions & Weights

C2.2 Standard Equipment

Air Inlet System

  • Air cleaner, single element canister type with rain cap (open generator set only)

Cooling System

  • Belt-driven centrifugal jacket water pump, gear-driven seawater pump, heat exchanger with copper nickel tubes, expansion tank

Control System

  • Electronic isochronous governor

Exhaust System

  • Watercooled exhaust manifold and elbow

Fuel System

  • Fuel filter — RH or LH service, fuel priming, fuel transfer pump, flexible fuel lines


  • Single-phase — brushless, shunt excited, 4-pole, 4-lead reconnectable with class H insulation, automatic voltage regulation ±0.5%, 2/3 pitch, IP23 water protection, solid state voltage regulator with integral voltage adjustment potentiometer, connection poles;

Lube System

  • Lubricating oil, oil filter (RH), dipstick (RH), fumes disposal (closed system)

Mounting System

  • Anti-vibration mounts, connected to drip tray and steel base sitting on PVC foam sound-absorbent pad

Protection System

  • Electronic automatic safety shutdown for low oil pressure, high water temperature, high exhaust (wet exhaust only) temperature, and overspeed

Starting System

  • 12 or 24 volt electronic starting motor, 12 volt 55 amp alternator


  • Single-side service (RH), decals, literature

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