June 26, 2023

Welcome to The Energy Pipeline podcast, where the host Jordan Yates and co-hosts Lizzie Hurt and Wayne Zemke introduce themselves and share their insights and aspirations for the podcast.

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Introducing The Energy Pipeline - Episode 1 -Transcript


00:00:01 Jordan
Hey everybody, I'm so excited to, for the very first time, welcome you to The Energy Pipeline podcast. I'm your host, Jordan Yates, and today I'm joined by my two co- host, well two of four that is, I have Lizzie and Wayne. Guys, will you please say hello?        

00:00:17 Wayne
Yeah, hello and good afternoon.        

00:00:18 Lizzie
Hi, everyone. 

00:00:19 Jordan
The first one was Wayne, the second one was Lizzie. So guys, what we're going to do is give you all a chance to get to know us. So Caterpillar is sponsoring this podcast and they have four co- hosts that will be rotating throughout all the different episodes that will be working with me. Lizzie and Wayne are two of those. So today, I really want us to just get to know them. I personally want to get to know them a little bit better and kind of why they're doing this podcast, why I'm doing it, what we hope to achieve, and what we're going to be seeing in the future. So, are you guys ready to answer some questions? 

00:00:55 Wayne
I believe we are. Lizzie? 

00:00:56 Lizzie

00:00:57 Jordan
Okay, cool. They're going to be really, really difficult questions guys, so get prepared. They're so nervous. So, I'm going to start with Lizzie because ladies first. Lizzie, can you share a bit about your background and experience in the oil and gas industry? How did you get started in this field? 

00:01:15 Lizzie
Absolutely. So my background is mechanical engineering and I've been with Caterpillar for five years now. Not all of that was spent in oil and gas. I started as a design engineer and I actually did a rotation through the oil and gas segment at Caterpillar at the very beginning, very early on in my career. And that was cool. I got to see how complicated of a industry it is. And then a few years later, I was able to pick up, move to Houston, and today I'm a sales support engineer in the oil and gas industry, and I primarily support products within the gas compression space.                  

00:01:52 Jordan
Very cool. That's awesome. So Wayne, what is your background? How are you involved with Caterpillar? What are you doing today? 

00:02:04 Wayne
Yeah, that's a good question. So I've been with Caterpillar for over 25 years. 

00:02:09 Jordan
That's it?  

00:02:09 Wayne
Yeah, feels like a long time when you've put the time in, Jordan. 

00:02:12 Jordan

00:02:13 Wayne
First part of the... I've always been in our energy and transportation group. The first part of my career was on the power gen side of our business. For the last 15 years, I've been in our oil and gas market intelligence group, leading that effort to bring more insights and understanding to the business about how the industry works and what the drivers look like. 

00:02:32 Jordan
Yeah, that's really important because sometimes it seems like kind of a mystery and we like to be going in the right direction. So that's cool that you have so much insight into the market. That will be good.

00:02:41 Wayne
I always feel like the words market intelligence are a couple of words you put together like jumbo shrimp.

00:02:45 Jordan

00:02:46 Wayne
Don't seem to make sense in a sentence, but people seem to relate what that means.

00:02:49 Jordan
Yeah, absolutely. So Lizzie, back to you. What motivated you to become involved in this podcast, The Energy Pipeline? Why are you excited to be here?

00:03:00 Lizzie
Well, first, I don't think in a million years I would've ever thought that I would be involved with a podcast, not something that I'd anticipate as an engineer. So, that's something that I feel like you had to jump on as an opportunity. But I think what I'm most excited about is how this will be a unique way to learn about the industry. Who gets to learn through speaking with a lot of different guests on a podcast?

00:03:26 Jordan

00:03:26 Lizzie
That's pretty different.

00:03:29 Jordan
Yeah, I think that's something I'm really excited for because I've taken a look at our guest list and I'm like, " There's no way I would've talked to these people otherwise. I never would've crossed paths this early in my career." And so I'm so excited that we get to talk to them and that you guys will get to learn from them. So, back to Wayne, because we're just going to go back and forth, just get to know them both. What unique perspectives or expertise do you think that you bring to the podcast as a co- host? Obviously, there's the market intelligence, but what else do you think you're going to have to offer as a co- host?

00:04:05 Wayne
Well, I think about it in two regards. So market intelligence, my role, I spend a lot of time looking at industry indicators and drivers and KPIs and metrics. So there's a lot of data and the oil and gas industry is really good at measuring itself and really good at providing information and insights with what's going on in the business. And those discussions that can come from that will lead to, I think, the truths and the interesting nuggets about the way this industry works that maybe some of our viewers that are in the industry will appreciate. But for those that find us that don't know, we'll have some, I think, factual and interesting discussions. And then hopefully, the gray hairs and the time that I've put in the career can bring some of those relationships and some of those experts that people are hoping to have interactions with and learn from.

00:04:51 Jordan
Yeah, absolutely. So, one more question for you, Wayne, on just parlaying into, with all this expertise that we're bringing in, with your expertise, is that something you would say makes The Energy Pipeline stand out against other podcasts in this industry? Or what do you think makes it special?

00:05:08 Wayne
Well, I certainly hope so. I mean, that's what we're intending to do. So hopefully it's one of those that isn't going to be just you and the co- host, the two of us and the other two kind of chatting it up. I mean, today we'll do that. But I think as we bring in industry experts, hopefully that brings a different perspective and really kind of a third perspective and independent perspective.

00:05:28 Jordan
For sure.

00:05:29 Wayne
And with your leadership, we'll bring out those insights and those nuggets and those things that are compelling to talk about over the course of a 20 or 30 minute pod.

00:05:38 Jordan
Yeah, absolutely. Because I like the point you made about it being more data driven. So, the fun thing is though, we're not sitting down and putting our listeners in front of Excel sheets. We're taking this data and we're going to hopefully try to relate in a way that's interesting, but still to the roots, educational. Because we want you guys to be able to learn along with us, but also we don't want to put you to sleep. So hopefully, we can have some banter that keeps these topics that some may be a bit more dry naturally and keep them interesting. Now, Lizzie, what are you hoping to achieve through being a podcast host on The Energy Pipeline? I mean, you said you never thought you'd be a podcast host, now you are, go off, we're so proud of you. Now, what do you want to achieve?

00:06:28 Lizzie
As a co- host, I think the most important part of our job will be to ask the right questions, ask interesting questions. If we don't have conversations that are engaging and meaningful and relevant, then people aren't going to stick around and listen to us. So, I think that's the most critical thing.

00:06:46 Jordan
Yeah, unfortunately, that's so true because even as I... Guys, I'm going to be honest, I have a list of questions in front of me. I'm reading some of them off and I think as it's rolling off my tongue, is this engaging enough? Is this going to be interesting enough? So, Lizzie said it well, it is a big responsibility we're taking, trying to make sure we're actually asking things that matter, asking things that will be engaging for our listeners. And I'm super excited to have a co-host that is thinking about that ahead of time. So, I'm happy about that. Wayne, back to you. How do you see The Energy Pipeline podcast contributing to the knowledge sharing and dialogue in the oil and gas industry?

00:07:27 Wayne
No, that's a great question. I hope that we find listeners that participate in this industry, maybe even are familiar with some of our guest speakers and that we'll add to their voices and they'll help amplify the message. And then I hope we find another audience where the content and the discussions are compelling, to use Lizzie's word, they're relevant and we find a new audience that maybe doesn't know as much about this industry, the energy industry. And that they realize that there's job or employment opportunities or that it's high tech or that it's transformative in global markets or the US market and that we find some new friends there that would be along for the ride that we might not otherwise reach if we did a different format.

00:08:11 Jordan
Yeah, that's for sure. Because we don't want to just be an echo chamber to everybody who already knows about oil and gas, who already loves oil and gas. We love you guys and we want you to listen and we want you to support us, no doubt. But we also want to be approachable and accessible enough to those who aren't as familiar and could possibly spark their interest. So, I agree, that's exciting. Lizzie, so this question I'm actually excited to ask, not that I wasn't with the other questions, but what are you most excited to talk about? So which specific things in the industry are most exciting for you? What are you most passionate about?

00:08:47 Lizzie
Yeah, there's a number of things that I'm very excited to dive into in the coming weeks and months. They really fall into two categories. I think the first thing that's most interesting for me is I'm excited to get into technical conversations and really learn more about technology. I want to hear about how there's a problem or a challenge in the oil field, and then this is the solution that people are implementing to solve it. I think that'll be a really cool couple of conversations that we have. And then the second item that I'm very much looking forward to are all of the conversations around sustainability and how the oil field and the industry is going to adapt to consider that more in the future. It's really important to me personally. And so I think conversations about reducing the amount of methane that leaks or conversations around electrification, those are some of the things that I'm anticipating in the future.

00:09:41 Jordan
Okay. Yeah, guys, a big section of what we'll be talking about in future episodes is the sustainability. So Lizzie, you'll have lots to talk about there. It'll be very fun. Wayne, so as a co- host, what do you hope the listeners will take away from the discussions? How do you want them to feel after they listen to you talk?

00:10:02 Wayne
Well, hopefully they will feel excited and hopefully the topics are compelling enough that they'll be excited. But I hope that really there's a true spirit of learning and a true spirit of discovery that we get into some of these discussions. And there's a lot of words, sustainability, energy transition will run from energy outlooks to technology to things that are maybe more on the regulatory front. And they all tie together and I hope that they'll be compelling and that they'll be insightful and they'll drive people to want to come back and participate again.

00:10:34 Jordan
Yeah, absolutely guys. Ideally, you'll be engaged and you'll enjoy listening to us talk. That is the goal. Lizzie, is there a particular story or experience in your career in the oil and gas industry that has had a significant impact on you or shaped your perspective that you want to tell us about?

00:10:53 Lizzie
So, like I said, I haven't been in the oil and gas industry as long as Wayne has, for example. So I don't have as many stories to pull from. And I think some people might not find this very interesting because they live and breathe this every day. But one of the cool things that I got to do on a rotation right out of the gates into my career was take a trip up to the Bakken in North Dakota.

00:11:20 Jordan
Oh wow.

00:11:21 Lizzie
And of course, I went in March when it's terrible weather up there. And there were two things that I vividly recall from that trip. One, the conditions, horrible, horribly windy, bitter cold, and it was striking to think of, " Okay, this is the equipment that has to operate up there."

00:11:39 Jordan
Oh my gosh.

00:11:40 Lizzie
And then also thinking of... I gained an appreciation for the men and women that have to go maintain that equipment in those conditions. So that's one thing that stuck out to me. And then the other thing that I vividly recall is I'm touring the oil field, driving around, and all of a sudden, sun starts to set, you look out the window and you see all of the flares off into the distance. And I think seeing that, having that memory probably explains why I'm so excited for the sustainability aspect of this.

00:12:10 Jordan

00:12:11 Lizzie
So yeah, did it change my perspective? Probably not, but I think it was very eye- opening experience to have in the first early bit of my career.

00:12:19 Jordan
Yeah, especially when we're so impressionable and have such little field experience. And then you go out there and you're like, " This is what it's really like." I feel like a lot of times with oil and gas, it's just sort of this mysterious thing and we're kind of like, we do our thing, you guys do yours. And we don't think about, like you said, people in North Dakota in these conditions that are actually working and operating that equipment and then having to manufacture equipment that lasts in that kind of environment. That's very intense. It's not just something anyone can do easily. So, I think that that's an interesting perspective, and I don't think you need as much experience as Wayne to have an opinion on these things. Also, I love how you subtly called him old.

00:13:00 Lizzie
I didn't quite mean to do that.

00:13:02 Jordan
She's like, " Wayne is so old, but I also have some opinions." Guys, Wayne is actually... He just started from birth. He's only 25.

00:13:09 Wayne
I think I was due to have a shot from you, but we were all born young. Some of us have just been working at it a little bit longer.

00:13:15 Jordan
Exactly. Yeah. Okay. So Wayne, what specific areas are you excited to highlight and look at? We know Lizzie's really excited about sustainability. What are you excited about?

00:13:28 Wayne
Yeah, that's a great question. There's a couple of things I think are really compelling, and one of the things I really want to explore in the series is the notion of an energy expansion. And we use the word energy transition a lot, which has this sense that we're moving from something to something and we are, right? And we are on a long arc of technology and electrification and moving off of liquid hydrocarbons and things like that. And those things are going to happen. But we're also in an era where we have now 8 billion people on the planet, many of them living in abject poverty and living a subsistence lifestyle and not really being part of the middle class. And it's going to take energy to do that. It's going to take the same sort of energy resources that this country went through in the same sort of scale and probably an accelerated timeframe for many of those regions. And so I think there's a real moral discussion around the energy expansion, which will be a transition, but will require more, just more energy writ large as we look to solve societal problems and have people have middle class or better than middle class lifestyles and better education for their kids and families and a future that's more than just hoping that you can put food on the table at the end of the day.

00:14:42 Jordan
Yeah, no, I like that you say that because energy and oil and gas and all these different, whatever you call a transition landscape that we're looking at, it is so integrated into society and it's so deeply a part of our lives, so much so that we may not even notice most of the time. So, it is more impactful in these communities, like you said, to where it isn't standard practice for them and watching it transform their economies, their lives, I mean their families. It's a very fun angle, so I'm glad you're excited to talk about that.

00:15:11 Wayne
Well, no, I think you're right. And I think it's easy to forget when you turn on a light switch or fuel a car or charge a battery.

00:15:17 Jordan

00:15:18 Wayne
It's easy to not have to know where that energy comes from. And-

00:15:22 Jordan

00:15:23 Wayne
...very often we talk about housing scarcity or food scarcity. We're not having a conversation around energy scarcity, but there are people in society that struggle with that, right?

00:15:34 Jordan

00:15:34 Wayne
That don't necessarily know how they're going to keep the lights on, that can't aspire maybe to do everything that we as society would want them to do. So I think there's a great opportunity for the energy industry to explore that and talk about it and get into that a little bit.

00:15:48 Jordan
Yeah, it's definitely... I mean, living in Houston or in America, it's definitely very, I don't want to say spoiled, but we are very privileged to have that be something we don't have to think about unless we're in this industry and we're the ones helping provide it. It feels like it would be so unnatural to go somewhere and not flip a light switch on or do those kinds of things that here is just a birthright basically. So, I do love just talking about societies from the ground up and how it impacts it. So I'm excited about that. Back to you, Lizzie, because Wayne just had some insightful stuff there. But let's see. How do you plan to bring your own voice and personality to the podcast and make it more engaging and relatable for the audience?

00:16:35 Lizzie
Well, I would say I'm a pretty typical engineer. I'm going to be very detail focused on this podcast and hopefully ask a lot of good questions. I think walking around the office, there's a number of people that I've probably driven nuts with the number of questions that I'll ask. So, I'm hoping that translates well in this podcast and drive some good discussions going forward.

00:16:57 Jordan
Yeah. Is it weird for you that people actually are tuning in because they do want to hear you ask questions? It's not like, " Oh, I'm busy, can't talk right now." They legit want your questions.

00:17:09 Lizzie
Yeah, I guess it's a good thing. It'll be good.

00:17:12 Jordan
I'm excited to hear the questions that you come up with, so it'll be fun. Okay. Let's see, what else? I've pretty much gotten through most of my questions. I just have one more and I had it to Wayne, but I want to ask both of you. So we're going to start with Wayne. How do you envision the podcast evolving over time and are there any plans for special segments, reoccurring topics or guest types that you're going to be excited to introduce?

00:17:43 Wayne
Well, Jordan, you've seen the list of guest speakers and we have yet to announce that to our audience. But I think we're going to get into some compelling topics. And I think we've touched on some of those things today. Things in the energy transition space, sustainability, maybe some of the technology solutions. So, I think we'll get into that and then I hope that we find our way, right?

00:18:03 Jordan

00:18:03 Wayne
I hope that we get the feedback and the interaction from listeners that tells us as that list gets pretty short because we've worked through it, what are the things that we revisit? What are the things that we dive deeper on? Hopefully, there aren't a lot of misses, but if we have some redirects, what are the topics that we miss that might be interesting? My own short list would be let's talk about some of the technology that has led to this thing called the shale gale or the shale revolution?

00:18:28 Jordan

00:18:28 Wayne
I'm interested in the discussion on sustainability and what we're doing with methane. I think that will lead us into some probably regulatory topics, which I think can be pretty compelling. And then I think a lot of it can come back to what is the future outlook of the industry? What does it mean for somebody that maybe is starting to look for a career? We heard Lizzie say that she didn't intend to start here, but she found it, or maybe it found her. Who else out there in our audience is going to have that pause or that moment where they think, " Well, this might be a area that would be a good job or a good career opportunity, more than just a paycheck." So I hope we find our way through many of those topics and evolve as we go.

00:19:09 Jordan
I think that is such an interesting point because we are going to talk a lot about workforce. And I think in society right now, there's a lot of talk of, " Oh, the oil and gas industry, it's going to be gone in 20 years. It's all going to be electric." And I think it will be interesting to shine light on all the different kinds of jobs that actually exist in oil and gas and why this is going to be a place that will be providing jobs for a very long time. And I think we're going to be able to educate our listeners more on the career paths they could take, rather, they're the traditional ones or the untraditional ones, or ones that are focused more on sustainability and things like that that have evolved as the companies have evolved. So Lizzie, same question for you. How do you see the podcast evolving over time? Doesn't have to be the same as Wayne. You guys have your own visions. What do you want to see?

00:20:01 Lizzie
I really hope this podcast ends up being incredibly educational for anyone that tunes in. I want to see us start with scratching the surface on a number of different topics. And then I really do want to see us dig into the heart of an issue. And like Wayne said, come back to topics, maybe we revisit them, look at them from a different angle. I think that'll be a really important thing for our podcast.

00:20:27 Jordan
Yeah, absolutely. Because I think a lot of upcoming episodes that we have, I think a episode three is going to be about petrochemicals. What are they? Then we're going to have a fracking series. And our goal is to come at it from sort of a neutral, educational stance and not like we're trying to force you to like oil and gas because we just want people to know, " Hey, what is fracking? What is it?" Because some people hear it and they have their predispositions and associations of what that word is, but I think it's going to be our job to be able to break it down and just give them the facts and then let them build their opinions from there. So I'm really excited about the educational portion too. But now we're transitioning into you guys asking me questions. So guys, be prepared. We're going to flip the script a little bit and get into that portion. I'm ready.

00:21:20 Lizzie
Hey, Jordan, I have a question for you. Could you share a little bit about your own background and experience related to this industry and how has your journey led you to this point?

00:21:29 Jordan
Yeah, so, oh my gosh. I, growing up wanted to be a psychiatrist. I think this is very interesting, very fun. And then when I was 17, my brother- in- law was working as a pumper in the oil and gas industry, and he came over to my mom's house and was like, " You wouldn't believe, these petroleum engineers, they don't do anything, and they make over six figures." And I was like, " Oh, dang, that sounds nice." So I was like, " You know, psychiatry that's going to take eight years of school, engineering's four. You know what? I love petroleum engineering now." So it gave a very, very childlike thought process, but when I go into something, I go into it full- heartedly. And growing up, I was pretty flaky about things I liked, but when I decided I liked oil and gas, that was it. That was the end- all to be- all. So, went to Texas Tech and I was super interested in the petroleum engineering program, but then decided to get a degree in mechanical because I wanted to play it safe because mechanical can still do petroleum. So, I went to school for a few years and a lot of my internships and jobs were in oil and gas. I worked for who was previously Encana, but they're now Ovintiv. I did some upstream oil and gas, their reservoir engineering for a summer. Worked for an oil and gas service company. And honestly, it was just like, I had a journal that I was just like, would write down things about, I want people to know about this in the oil and gas industry. And I remember one summer at my internship when I was at Encana in Denver, we had a conversation with one of the public relations heads and they were talking about, " Oh, it just kind of sucks that people don't like the oil and gas industry." And I was like, " What are we doing about it? Are we educating people? Are we giving them the proper resources to know what's actually going on?" And after having that thought process, I just became very passionate about the idea of educating everybody around me, whether or not they wanted it, about oil and gas. And so it's definitely one of my favorite party topics and now I'm just glad that we get to talk about it on a podcast. And now, I mean, my day job, I am a marketing engineer for a ceramic capacitor manufacturer. My last job, I did sales for industrial automation. So I kind of have a foot in both industries between oil and gas and manufacturing, which have a lot of overlap. So, I'm excited about that. And then just kind of came across this opportunity by being connected to the right people and asking for it. And they said yes. So, here I am.

00:24:11 Wayne
Well, Jordan, that sounds great. I'll follow that with a question. The sponsor of this podcast also has a background in manufacturing and in oil and gas, although we're probably known for manufacturing more. And you've got podcast experience, you've got your own pod, right?

00:24:25 Jordan

00:24:26 Wayne
So, what do you hope that listeners will take away from you as you lead these conversations on The Energy Pipeline?

00:24:32 Jordan
First and foremost, I hope that they are educated but also entertained. I hope this is not what they listen to before bed to fall asleep. So, I just want them to get a feel for our passion for education and just a general excitement around what this industry is and how it's so integrated into our lives. I mean, like you said, I just love the example of a light switch or even electric vehicles. When you plug in those cars, where does that electricity come from? It's not magic. Somebody somewhere had to get that electricity. So, just kind of connecting the dots of society and how integrated oil and gas really is and just allowing people to make their opinions from there. But I will be very happy if people at least come away learning something new from each podcast.

00:25:20 Wayne
I think that's great.

00:25:23 Lizzie
So, Wayne and I both answered the question about what we are excited for in the coming-

00:25:28 Jordan
Oh boy.

00:25:29 Lizzie
...couple of episodes. Are there any notable guests or topics that you're highly anticipating?

00:25:35 Jordan
Oh my goodness. I am so excited to talk about petrochemicals. This is like... Gosh, my sophomore junior year of college, I don't remember how I came across it, but I researched what petrochemicals are and where they were and realized they're in everything. Ever since then, I've just been wanting to tell people about it. So, I think it's funny because we don't realize all the things it's in. And then same thing with fracking, just explaining what it is rather than just letting it be a buzzword and all the different things in oil and gas that have these stigmas, just explaining what they are and letting people understand them from a more educational stance. That's what I'm excited about. So, really excited for episode three. You guys better listen. If you listen to anything and only that one, that is fine. That one's going to be so fun. So yeah, honestly, I'm excited about all the topics. I've been writing questions. I think I have about eight episodes written out, and I'm just really pumped about all of them. All this stuff is very fun for me, and there's not a lot of people in my life who just want to chitchat about this. So, the fact that I have dedicated time slots in my calendar to speak about this to you guys, that's what I'm excited for. What else? Wayne, you got a question?

00:26:50 Wayne
I don't think I can top that. So I think that your passion and excitement, I look forward to the value that you're going to bring, which is I think going to be engaging our audience and engaging our speakers.

00:27:01 Jordan
I hope.

00:27:02 Wayne
Well, we're kind of counting on it, but I think you'll be fine. And hopefully going for the ride will be as much fun as anything that we do.

00:27:09 Jordan
That's the goal. Any other questions? I wrote the questions for this podcast, and I know there's more.

00:27:22 Wayne
I think, well, there's one more question that you wrote, but I think you answered it. So, what do you think the impact or the value that you'll bring to the audience? But I would just precondition that a little bit by saying, I think we can see your passion. I think you addressed well your passion for the industry and the educational aspects that you hope to bring. So I was hesitant to ask, but I'll put it out there. Specifically, what do you think your impact or your value will be as you provide to the audience?

00:27:53 Jordan
So, I'm going to answer the question sort of halfway and meet it with a hesitation as well, because like you said, I'm very passionate, so it's going to be important for me to stay grounded in the educational side and the facts and not get carried away with being excited. Because like we said, we want to be non- biased and really provide both sides of the story to every story we tell. So, that's why I'm glad to have people like Lizzie who are very fact- based, and I love that about her. So, my goal is to keep it educational and yes, entertaining, yes, passionate, but make sure that I keep my cool. And by that I mean not get overly excited and sway people because I'm excited about it. So I hope to remain neutral in my delivery of facts. But then, guys, just be prepared. There will be excitement along with it, and you're going to have to parse through that. So that will be your duty as listeners, is to deal with me. And obviously the co- hosts are awesome. So, anything else from you guys?

00:28:56 Lizzie
No, I think you covered it really well.

00:28:57 Wayne
I think you covered it very well. So, thanks for being with us today.

00:29:00 Jordan
Yeah, guys. Okay, so you've gotten to know two of us. Our next episode, we're going to get to know Bill and Adriana. I'm really excited about that because I don't think I've really talked to them much, so I'm going to be getting to know them as well. And honestly, just the whole point of this is to lay the groundwork for our backgrounds, where we're coming from, and just setting you guys up to anticipate what we're going to be talking about in future episodes. So, I hope you like us, and if not, I hope you at least listen. And I am excited to hear what you guys think about this podcast because a lot of time and effort has gone into this by a lot of different people and companies. And we are here to educate and hopefully entertain. And I guess you guys do want to sign off. Do you have a, " And I'm Wayne, and this is the Energy Pipeline pod?"

00:29:54 Wayne
I'm Wayne and I have a voice made for radio.

00:29:57 Jordan
I thought it was a face for radio.

00:30:00 Wayne
I think I've said that to you before.

00:30:01 Jordan
It's my favorite job.

00:30:02 Wayne
It's probably good that we're not recording this, and we'll just put it out as an audio.

00:30:06 Jordan
Yeah. Oh yeah. I guess I haven't really thought about my sign off. Do you have sign off, Lizzie? Have you thought about it?

00:30:12 Lizzie
No, I did not think about that part at all.

00:30:15 Jordan
Well, this is Lizzie, Wayne and Jordan, and thanks for listening to The Energy Pipeline podcast. We'll catch you next time. 


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Jordan Yates is a Marketing Engineer at a specialty ceramic capacitors company. Her interest in the sales and marketing side of the Manufacturing & Energy Industry have gained her recognition in the digital space, specifically LinkedIn. She is the host of her podcast, 'Failing For You' and The Energy Pipeline. 

Lizzie Hurt - Co-host - Bio

Lizzie Hurt


Lizzie Hurt provides great insight to The Energy Pipeline as co-host and Sales Support Engineer at Caterpillar Oil & Gas. She has over 5 years of experience within engineering, application, and installation. Every oil & gas operation is different and Lizzie brings this understanding and a keen engineering perspective to The Energy Pipeline.

Wayne Zemke - Co-host - Bio

Wayne Zemke


Wayne Zemke leads the Market Intelligence team at Caterpillar Oil & Gas. With over 10 years of industry experience, Wayne has a valuable viewpoint on oil & gas and has tracked shifts across this space and their impact on companies. As co-host, Wayne brings a blend of historic and modern insights on the trends and transformations oil field service providers, drilling companies and operators face.