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Designed for longevity and easy access to components, the MD6640 is favored by drillers for dependability and serviceability. Adding to its productivity are smart features such as a simple hydraulics system, reliable electrical in all weather conditions, quick pipe changes, and angle hole drilling to 25° in 5° increments. Efficient and comfortable cab is designed for maximum operator productivity. Additionally, vibration and noise are minimized by the use of proven programmed drill control option with the cushioned centralizer and shock sub.


Bit Load up to 64 000 kg (up to 141,096 lb) up to 64 000 kg (up to 141,096 lb) Less
Hole Diameter 244 - 406 mm (9.6 - 16 in) 244 - 406 mm (9.6 - 16 in) Less
Engine AC Induction Motor - Dual Shaft 522-746 kW (600 hp) AC Induction Motor - Dual Shaft 522-746 kW (600 hp) Less
Multi-Pass Hole Depth Up to 85.3 m (280 ft) Up to 85.3 m (280 ft) Less
Single-Pass Hole Depth 18.3 - 21.3 m (60 - 70 ft) 18.3 - 21.3 m (60 - 70 ft) Less
Working Weight 339512.0 lb 154000.0 kg Less

Machine Service & Support

Caterpillar factory-trained service engineers are available throughout the world to provide our customers with the support necessary for meeting their production requirements.

Customized Training

Caterpillar provides customized on-site and/or classroom training for rotary drill operators and mine operation supervisors with the goal of developing internal training competency for the customer. The comprehensive training package is designed in module form to target key production issues specific to a given customer’s operation.


Our goal is to provide a safe workplace while producing products that exceed the needs of our customers and shareholders. As a responsible corporate citizen, we commit to the safe manufacture, installation and operation of our products.