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Cat® Reman Mining Engines and Components

What comes to mind when you hear “remanufactured mining components”? If your experience is with Cat® trucks, dozers and loaders, the answer is probably “great quality and price.” But you may have the opposite reaction if you’ve used another brand for the rest of your mining equipment.

That’s because some companies apply the label “remanufactured” to parts that really should be described as “repair and return.” They fix what’s broken, but don’t make other upgrades. That leads to quality and reliability issues—and it’s led some miners to swear off reman for good. If you’re one of them, now’s the time to take another look. Here are four reasons Cat Reman components make sense for your entire mining fleet.


same as new quality mining reman same as new quality mining reman

1. Same-as-new quality, every time.

Cat Reman parts truly are remanufactured—not repaired, rebuilt or reconditioned. Every component is remanufactured by the same OEM that produces the new part, whether that’s Caterpillar or one of our suppliers. Same build instructions, quality procedures, testing and certification all add up to remanufactured parts that deliver same-as-new quality. In fact, because we incorporate the latest design changes during the remanufacturing process, Cat Reman mining components sometimes deliver better-than-new performance.

save big on repairs mining reman save big on repairs mining reman

2. Save six figures or more on repairs.

You know better than anyone the expense associated with mining repairs. Big machines equal big components equal big price tags. A gear box might cost $600,000 to replace, for example, and you might have six of them on your rope shovel. What if you could pay 20-35%* less for each one? That’s how much, on average, Cat Reman components cost compared to new parts. You do the math for your operation, but we’re talking hundreds of thousands—even millions—of dollars in potential savings.

more options mining reman more options mining reman

3. You have more choices than ever.

Cat Reman components for mining aren’t limited to traditional cylinders, rods and pumps. Over the past few years, we’ve significantly expanded the number of options available for our mining product line. You’ll find Cat Reman parts not just for trucks, loaders and dozers, but also for electric rope shovels, hydraulic shovels and drills. That includes remanufactured gear boxes, electric motors, hydraulic pumps and motors, hydraulic cylinders, electronics and more—and we continue to add new products all the time.

less repair time mining reman less repair time mining reman

4. You can turn repair time into uptime.

A full line-up of remanufactured mining components doesn’t do you much good if you can’t get your hands on what you need when you need it. That’s why we’ve made sure most Cat Reman components for mining are available off the shelf from your local Cat dealer. Whether you’re planning an overhaul or dealing with an emergency repair, doing the work yourself or scheduling it with your dealer, you won’t have to wait on parts—and less repair time means more profitable uptime.

* Exact percentages vary and depend on the condition of your core and other factors.


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