We're Here to Help You Move Forward

We're here to help you move forward

Open for Business Together

We have tools to make work as convenient, contact-free and safe as possible. Let us help provide you with the right solutions to keep your business thriving.

Support to Keep You Moving Forward

We offer solutions that not only help you now but also protect your investments for the future.

Leases & Loans

Financing through Cat Financial means options, especially if cash flow is a challenge. We'll work with you to find a plan that makes sense for your business, whether you want to prioritize low monthly payments, find payment flexibility or something else altogether.

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Leases and Loans from Cat Financial

Extended Protection

You deserve peace of mind. Extended protection maximizes the life of your machine. It can help you budget for unexpected costs and ensure repairs are performed by factory-trained technicians.

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Extended Protection

Used Equipment

Buying used can expand your options without expanding your budget. Used equipment makes sense for business owners who want to increase the size of their fleets and expand functionality without paying for new pieces of heavy machinery.

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Used Equipment

Need equipment fast? Consider Rental.

Rental is an budget-friendly way to meet short-term needs.  

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Sign Documents, View Contracts, Check Your Account Status & More

We offer tools to make doing business easy, even from a distance. From e-signature on our paperwork to our digital customer portal, we'll work with you in the way you're most comfortable. Use MyCatFinancial to manage your account digitally.

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