mini excavtor picking up dirt
mini excavtor picking up dirt

Cat® Extended Protection & Insurance

There’s a lot of risk wrapped up in running a business that works on job sites and relies on equipment. We can help you protect your Cat® equipment and your business with extended protection and insurance options.


“It allows us to have a safety net.
It minimizes our downtime
and increases our profitability.”

Chris Olson, President, OE Construction


  • 9 out of 10 Cat® machines sold in North America include an Equipment Protection Plan (source: Cat Financial, 2009)

  • 100+ machines components protected beyond the warranty by a Premier plan

  • Up to $1B worth of construction equipment stolen each year (source: National Equipment Register, 2016)

Cat Extended Protection

Extended Protection for Machines

Equipment Protection Plans (EPP)

Even the best-built machines eventually need repairs, which always seem to happen at the worst time — right in the middle of a big job, when cash is tight or just after the warranty expires. An Equipment Protection Plan (EPP) for a new, used or rebuilt machine:

  • Provides coverage beyond standard machine warranty for parts and labor, and protects you from unplanned repair costs from covered defects in Cat material and manufacturer workmanship
  • Offers multiple coverage options to fit your needs and budget
  • Includes genuine Cat parts and service performed by factory-trained dealer technicians
  • Transfers with the machine when you sell it in the same region the EPP was purchased

Extended Protection for
Gensets and Engines

Extended Service Coverage (ESC)

Perhaps more than any other type of equipment, gensets and engines have to run reliably. You, and the people relying on you, can’t afford downtime. Extended Service Coverage (ESC) for gensets and engines:

  • Gets you back to work fast with service available worldwide
  • Returns your gensets and engines to their operating condition prior to failure
  • Helps you budget for unexpected repairs by locking in costs up front
  • Provides protection across all industries — Electric Power, Industrial, Marine, Petroleum, Rail, and On-Highway Truck
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Insurance Options

Insurance Protection for Your Equipment

U.S. Only - Not available in Canada.

Fires. Floods. Vandalism. Theft. Collision. A lot can happen to your equipment that’s outside your control. But preparing for the possibility is within your power. Physical Damage Insurance:

  • Protects you against both total and partial equipment losses
  • Covers extras like the costs to rent replacement equipment and transport damaged machines
  • Comes with a low $1,000 deductible for all equipment (except logging)
  • Is available for all your equipment, including trailers and attachments


Insurance Protection for Your Business

U.S. Only - Not available in Canada.

No matter how diligent you are, accidents happen. The first priority is making sure your people are safe, but your bottom line could be at risk, too. Commercial General Liability Insurance:

  • Protects your business when accidents cause injury to people or damage to property
  • Defends you against “personal and advertising injury” — things like slander and libel, copyright infringement, malicious prosecution and wrongful eviction
  • Lets you add coverage for errors and omissions, data security and more
  • May be required when you’re a subcontractor or when you purchase, rent or lease machines


Protecting Your Investment - Is it Worth it?

Extended Protection for Your Cat Equipment

Cat Customer Value Agreements by Cat Financial

Maintain your equipment's built-in value with a custom plan.

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Two customers on jobsite in personal safety gear
Two customers on jobsite in personal safety gear

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Customer using ipad on jobsite with excavator working in the background