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Have questions about how to manage your account(s) with us? Check out our most frequently asked questions below for answers.


Where do I send my payoff?

How quickly can I get a payoff quote?

Can you reduce or waive my processing fee?

Can you reduce or waive the prepayment premium?

What is the termination process?

Physical Damage Insurance

What is my policy number?

Need full insurance payment when paying off contract?

How is my insurance billed?

How do I cancel my insurance policy?

Principal Reduction

What is a principal reduction?

Is there a fee to process principal reduction?

How can I apply additional payments toward principal?

How do I qualify for a principal reduction?

How often can I utilize a principal reduction?

Can I apply a principal reduction payment to leases and loans?

Can a principal reduction be used to reduce payment amount each month?

Definition: “three times the next payment amount due”

How will my principal reduction funds be applied?

What if payments are less than three times the next payment?

What is the preferred method for principal reduction payments?

How is my balance affected?

Why can’t I view my account details online?

Why is Cat Financial different?

Are details of a principal reduction in my contract?

Example of how a principal reduction works

End of Lease

Questions regarding my lease?

How can I make a payment?

What if I exercise the purchase option?

Can someone assume my lease?

Can I terminate my lease early?

Can I lease a used machine?

Is there an interest rate on my lease?

Who maintains the machine and completes repairs?

What should I do if my leased machine gets damaged?

What are my options at the end of the lease?

Can I return the machine at lease termination?

When do I have to return my leased machine?

What are the overage fees?

What if I have not used all the hours allowed?

Why should a pre-inspection be performed?

Can I replace my leased machine with a new machine?

When I return a machine, how will it be inspected?

Is the purchase price at the end of lease negotiable?

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customers on a jobsite