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Heavy Equipment Fleet Management

fleet monitoring center

Go Inside the Fleet Monitoring Center

Welcome to our 24/7, secure facility in Peoria, Illinois! From this 5,000-square-foot center, we keep a close eye on hundreds of thousands of assets (and counting) around the world — helping construction, mining, and energy and transportation operations work more safely, productively and profitably. Here’s what you’ll find inside the Caterpillar Fleet Monitoring Center:

Cross-Functional Team: Dozens of data analysts, safety and condition monitoring advisors, and industry and product experts work together to interpret your data and recommend ways you can improve performance and reduce costs. Our team members have hands-on experience as mechanics and technicians at Caterpillar, at dealerships and across industries.

State-of-the-Art Tools: The latest audio, video, teleconferencing and interactive tools make it fast and easy for our team to share information, troubleshoot problems, collaborate with Cat® dealer condition monitoring advisors and reach you with alerts and recommendations.