Construction Equipment Utilization

construction equipment utilization

Fuel Consumption, Fluid Inspection and Analysis

If you’re only looking at one type of data — just telematics data or just inspection data, for example — you’re not getting a full picture of equipment performance and health. It’s like trying to complete a puzzle without all the pieces. At the Caterpillar Fleet Monitoring Center, we have access to ALL the puzzle pieces, plus the expertise to assemble them quickly and accurately. Our team brings together:

  • Telematics information, including asset utilization, fuel consumption, work vs. idle time and more
  • Inspection results, including Cat® Inspect data
  • Fluid analysis results for oil, coolant and fuel
  • Maintenance and repair histories
  • Site assessments, including Site Operations and Maintenance Advisor (SOMA) studies
  • Safety events, including fatigue and distraction incidents

When we spot a potential issue, we don’t just alert you to the problem. We tell you why it’s happening, what you can do to fix it and when you need to take action. That’s the real value of the Fleet Monitoring Center.