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You chose Cat machines to get the best output from your investment. That value shouldn't change throughout the equipment lifecycle. Repairs and rebuilds can add life to your machines and reduce costs to your bottom line. And no one in the industry does it better than Caterpillar. From the original design, our components are engineered to be repaired and rebuilt. What's that mean for you? Whatever your production or budget targets, no one has more expertise — or options — to find the perfect repair option for your operation.





Five levels of Repair Options to Discuss with Your Dealer

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Minor Overhaul

Typically when under 1,000 hours of utilization, this minor overhaul includes seals, gaskets, rings and bearings — but excludes external parts like injectors, turbos, exhaust, electrical, electronics and accessories.

Minor Overhaul – Rebearing/Reseal

Major Overhaul

Still usually within 1,000 hours, this larger overhaul includes all Level 1 parts but also reconditions or replaces other critical parts not meeting reuse guidelines, including engines, transmissions, hydraulic systems and undercarriage components.

Major Overhaul – Rebearing/Reseal Plus Component

Dealer Rebuild    

With three options based on your needs, this level goes beyond "replace and repair" by rebuilding systems for another life. This could be: 1) a complete rebuild using core components and returning them to a new state at a fraction of the cost of new; 2) a dealer exchange rebuild from dealer inventory for quicker turnaround; 3) a complete Cat Certified Rebuild with all critical engineering updates included.

Dealer Rebuild


An advanced rebuild, this level offers a complete component exchange with Cat Reman components — factory rebuilt to specifications with the latest engineering updates, and the same warranty and durability as a new component.



If core components are not reusable, this level replaces all components using new genuine Cat parts. At this level, utilization clock starts at zero hours — your rebuilt components will work another life equal to a new piece of equipment.





We ask questions. You get the right answers.

How do you choose the best repair? Your dealer will walk you through a series of questions and provide repair options tailored to you and your situation.

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Choosing the right repair
is now easier than ever

Make your next repair decision with confidence. Just answer six simple questions using our online selector tool — such as how long you plan to keep the machine and how quickly you need it back in service — to get a repair options recommendation.

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Component life management

Your Cat dealer can help optimize component reliability and durability for your engine, drive train or hydraulics system throughout its lifecycle. Hear from our experts and learn more about the repair options available for your specific situation.

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Component Life Management

Machine repair options    

When it comes to machine repairs, your Cat dealer has the knowledge and expertise to help you get them done. Download machine model-specific brochures to learn more about the repair options available for your machine.

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Machine Repair Options

Repair options in the real world

According to these three customers, the combination of multiple repair options and expert dealer advice saves time, reduces expenses and keeps equipment availability high.

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Benefit from the multiple lives designed into Cat machines

A Certified Rebuild returns your end-of-life machine, power train, engine, hydraulic system or key machine component for a fraction of the cost of buying new.

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D7R Dozer Certified Rebuild

Enhance your machine with retrofits & upgrades

We constantly update our equipment to improve performance, efficiency, comfort, safety and serviceability. Talk to your dealer to see what's available and take advantage of these new offerings.

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Upgrades & Retrofits

Buy remanufactured parts through Cat Reman

Cat Reman parts and components provide same-as-new performance and reliability at fraction-of-new costs — all while reducing the impact on the environment.

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Cat Reman parts





Backed by the best

Don’t believe the myths. The truth about Cat dealers is that they are focused on extending the life of your Cat equipment — and they make recommendations with your best interests in mind.

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Myth: Cat dealers are more expensive

Expense is relative to the value of what you receive in return. With a Cat dealer, you receive the highest quality parts and premium service. But they also have lower cost options. They even have kits available if you choose to do your own repair.

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Myth: Cat dealers over-repair    

If you have a shorter-term ownership plan, immediate production needs or other special circumstances, your Cat dealer will help you choose the best value option.

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We've got you covered

Get unmatched knowledge, support and a 12-month parts warranty from your authorized Cat dealer. No matter the size of your operation, there are financing programs available that are built around the way you work.

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You are a machine

Cat customers are the machines that make our modern world work. If you stop running, everybody feels it. So we do whatever it takes to keep you and your business in optimal condition.

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