Repair Options Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Every operation may be different, but certain goals are the same everywhere: keep owning and operating costs down and equipment uptime high. See how Repair Options are helping Cat® customers achieve those objectives.

Repair Options save Greenway Waste Solutions time and money

With a fleet of Cat equipment running 10 hours a day, five days a week, plus half a day on Saturday, Greenway Waste Solutions doesn’t have time for downtime. Multiple options offered by dealer Carolina Cat keep machines up and running.

Repair Options Customer Testimonial – Greenway Waste Solutions

Cementos San Marcos and Gecolsa Team Up to Improve Machine Availability

Javier Sánchez, director of mining and raw materials for Colombian cement operator Cementos San Marcos, isn’t looking for a repair provider. He’s looking for a strategic partner invested in his company’s success — and he’s found one in Cat dealer Gecolsa.

Repair Options Customer Testimonial – Cementos San Marcos

Repair-before-failure strategy keeps equipment uptime high for Cementos Argos

In the past, Cementos Argos might have let a piece of equipment run until failure, just to keep it on the job and producing. Not anymore. With help from Cat dealer Gecolsa, the company now plans and budgets for proactive repairs.

Repair Options Customer Testimonial – Cementos Argos