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Sleep Intervention

Operator Fatigue Technology

Driver Safety System

Learn how to manage fatigue with the Driver Safety System*, a non-intrusive, in-cab fatigue detection technology that instantly alerts operators the moment fatigue or distraction is identified. The fatigue technology works by monitoring eye-closure duration and head pose. If the Driver Safety System detects a fatigue or distraction event the operator is immediately alerted through configurable in-vehicle seat vibration and / or audio alarm.

Key Benefits

  • Provides real-time driver fatigue intervention for tired operators
  • Links education with action for driver fatigue awareness and behavior change
  • Seamless integration into mixed truck fleets
  • Allows operators to focus on their job by eliminating requirements to interact with the system
  • Alerts operators to extended distraction events to improve safe driving
  • Customized data and reporting for continuous improvement and safety education site-wide
  • Live data analysis provided by the Fleet Monitoring Centre*

*Hours operating while asleep are recorded during the silent phase of a Fatigue Risk Assessment; prior to the DSS vibration and audio alerts being turned on for operators. Sleep is not achieved once the DSS is taken out of silent mode since immediate intervention takes place at the onset of a fatigue event.

Monitoring Center

monitoring center

Caterpillar safety advisors in the 24/7 Fleet Monitoring Centre analyse data and video from in-vehicle systems, such as the Driver Safety System (DSS), to notify onsite personnel about drowsy or distracted driving.

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