On The Level: 2022 Construction Industry Trends
On The Level: 2022 Construction Industry Trends

2022 Construction Industry Trends

From construction labor shortage solutions to sustainable construction materials, we explore the 2022 construction industry trends that will impact your business this year.

CAITLIN MADDOCK-BAHR | Social Media & Digital Strategy Manager

The new year is here, and there’s no better time to take a look at new trends and see how your business can adapt. Check out some 2022 construction industry trends below that will impact you.


Construction Labor Shortage Solutions

One thing that continues to be a trend year after year and will continue on as a 2022 construction industry trend is labor shortage issues. We saw what’s been dubbed “The Great Resignation” in 2021, which has been felt across all industries.

But there are some things you can do to combat construction labor shortages. This is the perfect time to invest in programs that will make your current employees feel valued and make potential employees want to work for you.  Prioritize training for new and current operators to help them invest in their careers.  While new operators might benefit from equipment simulation training, even older operators can find training useful as new technologies and features become available on equipment.


Optimizing With Technology

Another 2022 construction industry trend that is sure to continue in the years ahead is the importance of technology for optimizing productivity and efficiency. Machine telematics can help you monitor your fleet in real time and avoid unexpected downtime. Telematics can also help you burn less fuel and keep utilization high.

Remote operating technology can also help you on the job, allowing operators to control machines miles away from the job site. And remote technology has the added benefit of improving job site safety, removing operators from hazardous conditions.


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Sustainable Materials

In 2018, 455 million tons of construction and demolition waste material was redirected for use in markets like aggregate, compost and fuel markets, among others. This number is likely to grow in the coming years as the focus on climate change and sustainability grows. This can help construction businesses, as it reduces building costs, while lessening demand on the supply chain and environment for new materials.

What 2022 construction industry trends are you seeing? With these trends in mind, you can start to prepare for what’s ahead and help your business succeed.

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