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Machine monitoring helps you manage your equipment and your business.
Machine monitoring helps you manage your equipment and your business.

The Benefits of Fleet Management for Snow and Ice Businesses

When you’re managing a fleet of snow and ice removal equipment, every minute counts. When bad weather strikes, you need to know where each machine is right now. And you need to make sure they’re running efficiently and have all the information to keep your operation moving smoothly — no matter what Mother Nature throws your way. Good fleet management puts all the vital information right at your fingertips. 

Fleet Management Answers Critical Questions

By combining a range of machine monitoring and data analysis technologies with expert dealer services, a good fleet management program turns raw, machine-generated data into information you can use. The right information, delivered at the right time, can help you maintain a ready-to-go fleet while controlling costs, increasing efficiencies and building a better operation.

What does effective fleet management look like? At its heart, it uses a set of powerful technology tools that helps snow and ice removal contractors quickly answer questions about their assets. 

These technologies are especially helpful for contractors who have equipment spread out over a wide area. Perhaps you have a set of machines that only run when it’s actively snowing. Or maybe you have equipment set up in different locations based on snow removal contracts for the season.  

The right fleet management tools help you keep track of your assets — and keep you informed about what they’re doing — no matter where they are. They can also show you which ones may be over or underutilized. Plus, they can give you an overview of your entire fleet, while letting you “zoom in” on trouble spots and individual assets as needed.

What are the main benefits of fleet management?

Fleet management tools help you make sure you have all the assets your need positioned where they can do the most good. They can also offer so much more:

  • Monitor your fleet

    • Track the location of all your equipment assets.

    • Alert you to unauthorized use or theft. 

  • Improve efficiency

    • Monitor whether your machines are being utilized as expected in different locations.

    • Maximize uptime by helping you plan ahead.

    • Keep utilization high while minimizing idle fuel burn. 

  • Manage maintenance

    • Set maintenance intervals and get alerts when they’re due.

    • Get fault codes that alert you to machine problems.

    • Catch small problem early before they shut a machine down. 

    • Head off major failures and prevent unplanned downtime.



“The right fleet management tools help you keep track of your assets, and keep you informed about what they’re doing, no matter where they are.”

      - John Janes | Landscaping Marketing Manager, Caterpillar, Inc.


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What are my options to monitor my Cat® equipment?

There are many fleet management options out there, but if you own Cat® equipment, you have access to some unique and powerful tools.

A good place to start is the Know Your Fleet Tool. This interactive online survey tool analyzes what kinds of technology-related products services best fit your needs. 

An initial questionnaire assesses where your business is on its equipment management journey. Based on the results, you’ll receive tailored recommendations about Cat products and services that will help you use machine- and site-generated data to strengthen your business.

One of the recommendations you’ll get from the Know Your Fleet Tool is how best to put VisionLink to work to meet your needs.  

VisionLink is a subscription-based telematics software that turns machine-generated data into valuable insights about your fleet and operations. It helps you make smart, informed decisions to address fuel efficiency, idle time, machine faults and more.

VisionLink is as flexible as it is powerful. If you’ve never used it before, you can start small and build your capabilities. An updated interface makes it even easier to use, whether you’re just getting started or you’re already an experienced VisionLink veteran. Work with your Cat dealer to configure and customize VisionLink to meet your needs.

​If you’re operating used or rental equipment — your Cat dealer offers a range of complimentary fleet management offerings. Be sure to ask your Cat dealer for more information. 

What if I have a mixed fleet?

Caterpillar’s fleet management technology is compatible with all kinds of mixed fleets. Our solutions allow you to visualize your new Cat assets, non-Cat assets and older Cat assets and pull them all into one interface to monitor together. No matter the make or model of your machine assets, your Cat dealer can help you optimize your fleet and drive additional profit.

Why Cat fleet management?

With all the options out there, what’s unique about the suite of Cat fleet management tools? 

When you activate machine monitoring options from Caterpillar, you get access to extra features and benefits within the Cat network. It’s a full, well-rounded solution all within one interface. 

For example, you have access to things like Cat S•O•S℠ Services fluid analysis samples and results, inspection records and online parts ordering. You can populate EPP and CVA information, access service and rental history — all in one place with participating dealers. This additional data helps you get a full overview of your business’s spending data. The full suite of Cat fleet management tools let you do so much more than simply monitor equipment locations.

As the winter months approach, make sure you’re entering the season with a well-thought-out fleet management plan. If you’re looking for a solution to manage your fleet and your business, know that you can do that in partnership with your Cat dealer. We’re here to help you succeed! 


John Janes


Landscaping Marketing Manager

John Janes has been bringing his diversified expertise to sales and marketing initiatives at Caterpillar for more than a decade. Not only does he hold an LIC certification from the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP), CSP and ASM certifications from the Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA), but Janes also serves as an American Concrete Institute (ACI)-certified concrete flatwork technician.

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No matter what size your fleet may be, VisionLink® gives you the insights you need to take action. An updated interface helps you boost profitability across all your assets.


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