The equipment financing questions you need to ask at your next trade show
The equipment financing questions you need to ask at your next trade show

Equipment Financing Questions to Ask at Your Next Trade Show

Discover key leasing and financing options from potential providers

Trade shows: Whether you look forward to the lively environment and array of potential opportunities, or view navigating the crowded aisles and nonstop conversations as more of a necessary evil, they offer some unique benefits for your business. Having a wide range of potential heavy equipment providers and vendors of other assets under one roof makes it easier to gather valuable information, fast. With conversations and notes fresh in your mind, it's that much easier to make an informed, positive decision that benefits your business.

Knowing which questions to ask allows you to quickly zero in on the information that matters the most to your business.


Can you describe your leasing and financing options? What makes each one unique?

Unless your business has the substantial capital needed to purchase heavy equipment immediately, you'll likely need to consider how to lease or finance such machinery. Asking for a walkthrough of different financing and leasing options allows you to find out more about which provides the best structure and options for your business.

Cat Financial's major leasing options, for example, offer some crossover but have significantly different major benefits. Our finance lease provides multiple opportunities to purchase equipment during and at the end of the agreement, while also offering competitive rates and a number of other advantages. Our operating lease, meanwhile, delivers the lowest possible monthly payment while also providing an end-of-term purchase option. Additionally, we provide loans to help enterprises like yours get the equipment they need.

Make sure the representatives you talk to at trade shows can offer similarly crucial details.


How can you help me keep my equipment and business safe and operational?

Leasing or financing heavy equipment is a major step toward putting that machinery to use, but it's not the only one. Even with the best preventative maintenance schedules, there's still potential for mechanical and operational issues with any piece of equipment. Having a plan for addressing repairs, and a structured payment plan tied to it, sure beats the alternative of funding critical fixes out of pocket without any advance warning.

Cat Financial offers a series of extended protection solutions that allow you to take into account everything from your feeling on risk versus reward to available budget. Whether it's basic repairs or a more comprehensive approach to protecting equipment that's needed, we can offer you the right plan. We also give customers options for insurance, both for outside forces acting on equipment as well as operational liability tied to on-site accidents.

You may not need your heavy equipment lessor to provide repair plans or insurance, but the ability to make the decision and keep these related concerns under the banner of a single provider offers both cost advantages and makes it easier to manage each element.


How can I save money by working with your company?

Being a consistent customer or investing in more than one piece of equipment at a single time can provide benefits in many different business contexts. You don't want to leave potential savings and other advantages on the table, so be sure to ask about offers, discounts or other special rates provided by potential business partners. A deal shouldn't be the only reason you choose to work with one company over another, but when you can be sure about core factors like reliability of equipment, it's a valuable consideration.

Cat Financial offers a range of regularly changing offers that can benefit your business. Offers can include bundles and similar options for a discount when equipment and protection plans or insurance are all acquired as a part of a single transaction, discounts on new and used equipment, and parts and services. Every dollar matters for your business.

If the answers to these questions have convinced you to skip the trade show and work with Cat Financial, get in touch with us today to learn more!


An Equipment Protection Plan (EPP) — available for new,
used and rebuilt machines — helps protect against
unplanned repair costs.

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