The right GET for your Cat® dozer can make all the difference in optimizing your investment. All Cat cutting-edge GET systems make sure you move more material longer with less downtime for a lower cost per hour. Simply choose the features you need to match your application and get the results you want.

Cat® dozer ground engaging tools (GET) are designed to create a balance with your machine and with your work conditions. They are built with through-hardened DH-2 and DH-3 steels for maximum strength, wear life and breakage resistance. Deep countersinks give Cat dozer GET long-lasting bolt protection with a tight tie. End bits with a side extension protect the moldboard from side wear, and a balanced end bit to cutting-edge ratio minimizes throwaway. And as always, if a component breaks during normal operation, it will be replaced under our standard warranty (subject to certain terms and conditions; contact your Cat dealer for details).



Which GET are best for your dozer? Let’s take a look at options.

  • Precision Cutting Edges

Precision Cutting Edges offer 20% more wear material, plus 40% more wear material on extended-wear life edges compared to legacy cutting edges. Wear indicators are rolled right into the edge material to make sure you know when to flip your cutting edges.

  • Performance Cutting Edges

The precision blade control of Performance Cutting Edges slices through the toughest materials, making sure you can penetrate easier, load faster and increase the productivity of your dozer. Performance Cutting Edges feature up to 35% more payload mass and give you up to 17% greater productivity over standard production cutting edges.

  • High Abrasion Cast Cutting Edges

Maximize the uptime of most abrasive applications with the High Abrasion Cast Cutting Edge System. High abrasion end bits are complemented by cast high abrasion cutting edges for up to 40% longer wear life than Extended Wear Life GET.



Your Cat dealer can help you equip your dozer with the right GET and maximize their lifespan by identifying signs of premature wear and suggesting operating techniques to reduce wear. But it falls to the operator to maintain dozer GET properly to get full use and minimize downtime. It is extremely important to keep all hardware tight. Here are some maintenance tips to remember to help make sure your GET last as long as they can.

  • Use new bolts and nuts when installing new end bits and cutting edges to ensure against metal fatigue.
  • Surfaces must be clean of dirt, paint, scale, rust and weld splatter.
  • Mating surfaces must be clean and flat to assure maximum clamping force.
  • Bolt and nut threads must be clean; do not apply lubricant to the hardware, as this may over-stretch the bolt.
  • Cutting-edge bolts are installed from the center outward or from one end to the other.
  • End-bit bolts are installed first from the center outward, then from the center inward.
  • Tighten all bolts to the required torque.
  • Seat bolt heads in the countersinks with a heavy hammer.
  • Tighten the bolts again to the required torque.

Your Cat dealer is here to support your machine, offering Parts Kits for all your preventive maintenance needs. For more systems and support you can count on, see Cat cutting edge systems here

Download the Cat Inspect App to digitally note your dozer’s maintenance history, and always know you can count on your Cat dealer for all your equipment service needs.


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