Choosing the Right Repair





Repairs are inevitable — after all, you work your equipment hard in often challenging conditions. But when components start to fail, is your only option to toss them out and start over? Not with Cat® equipment. We engineer our components to be repaired, rebuilt and reused, saving you time and money. Here’s a quick look at the five levels of repair options available for most components.


Level 1: Minor Overhaul

When components have fewer than 1,000 hours of utilization, chances are they may only need a minor overhaul. That includes seals, gaskets, rings and bearings but not more expensive external parts like injectors, turbos, exhaust, electrical, electronics and accessories.


Level 2: Major Overhaul

Some components under 1,000 hours of utilization may need a more comprehensive repair. In addition to everything included in a minor overhaul, a major overhaul involves reconditioning or replacing other critical parts that don’t meet reuse guidelines. That could include engine, transmission, hydraulic and undercarriage components.


Level 3: Rebuild

When simply repairing or replacing individual components isn’t enough, the next level of repair is rebuilding your equipment systems for another lifetime of use. Your rebuild options include:

  • A complete dealer rebuild that returns your machine’s core components to a new state at a fraction of the cost of buying new
  • A dealer exchange rebuild where rebuilt like-new components are pulled from your dealer’s inventory for a quicker turnaround
  • A Cat Certified Rebuild that includes all critical engineering updates


Level 4: Reman

Think of this repair level as an advanced rebuild. Your machine gets a complete component exchange with Cat Reman components. They’re factory rebuilt to original Cat specifications, include all the latest engineering updates, and come with the same durability and warranty as new components.


Level 5: New

If your machine’s core components can’t be repaired, reused or rebuilt, your best option is to replace them with all new genuine Cat parts. That restarts your utilization clock to zero — these components will work another life equal to that of a new piece of equipment.


How do you know which of these repair levels is right for you? It depends on a number of factors — not just the condition of your components but also your plans for the equipment, your budget and your desired turnaround time. Your Cat dealer will walk you through a series of questions to help you choose the repair option that’s the best fit for your machine and your goals.



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