You already know your Cat® dozer is designed and built with the power you expect to move material quickly and efficiently. But while your dozers are important to your business, the people who operate your dozers are every bit as key, and Caterpillar understands the importance of dozer safety and operator comfort.

Safety Tips for Your Cat Dozer

Dozer safety techniques are vital to making sure your worksite stays running smoothly and with maximum efficiency. But what’s most important to know? Remember to read and understand all safety information in your Operation and Maintenance Manual (OMM). The OMM should be your first stop for dozer safety techniques, but here are a few dozer safety features and tips you should keep in the front of your mind.

Getting started safely

Cat® dozers have industry-leading safety features designed to keep operators safe, but operators should not forget their personal responsibility.

  • Make sure you are wearing any and all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required by your worksite, including safety glasses and work boots.

  • Be aware of and avoid pinch points on your dozer.

  • Be aware of what’s on the undercarriage or tracks of your dozer. Depending on your operating conditions, you’ll want to be careful of any slipping hazards like mud or wet shoes.

  • Mount and dismount on step or locations with handholds.

  • Maintain three points of contact to your dozer when entering and exiting, and always face the machine.

  • Keep cab and access/egress LED lights on when operators enter or exit the cab. Some dozer models include additional guardrails and a light switch for the cab-mounted exterior light in your ground-level service center; ask your Cat dealer for more information.

  •  Always use your horn to alert your fellow workers that you’ll be moving your dozer and starting the day’s work. A warning beacon can be an optional feature added to certain Cat® dozer models; talk to your Cat® dealer to find out more.

Start your engine

Safety practices begin before you even start your engine.

  • Turn on your battery disconnect switch.

  • Adjust the seat so that full pedal travel can be achieved with your back against the back of the seat.

  • Make sure your dozer’s implements are grounded and deactivate implement controls with the hydraulic control deactivation switch. Move direction control into neutral, make sure everyone is clear of the machine by sounding your horn and turn the key start switch to on. Your monitoring system should perform a self-test.

  • Turn the key start switch to start and crank your engine.

  • Warm up your machine by setting it at low idle for at least five minutes.

  • Check the oil levels in your powertrain, engine and hydraulic systems when the oil is at operating temperature; you’ll want to maintain the oil levels at full marks. Move the lift control to the raise position and hold it for about 10 seconds. Then move the lift control to the hold position. Cycle between raise and hold until your hydraulic oil is warm. Then cycle all controls to circulate warm oil through your hydraulic cylinders, lines and machine components.

Shut down

Park your dozer on a smooth, level area. Ground your implements and run your engine at low idle for five minutes to allow it to cool. Make sure to observe correct delayed engine shutdown procedure; do not turn off the battery disconnect switch until the wait-to-disconnect lamp has turned off.


Cab safety features

Cat dozers have been designed enhanced operator safety and comfort features.

The cab of your Cat dozer features large, single-pane windows, tapered hoods and notched fuel tanks to increase visibility. The cabs are also rollover protective structure/falling object protective structure (ROPS/FOPS) structures designed to protect the operator from rolling over or from falling hazards.


Comfort and safety

Comfort features include air vents with an advanced cabin filtration system and a suspension seat with adjustable arm rests. Bolsters restrain side-to-side movement, and steep-slope footpads ensure a comfortable position when working on inclines. Make sure to always wear your seat belt when operating the dozer. Regardless of its appearance, replace the seat belt after three years of use.

All tractors include an isolation-mounted pressurized cab to reduce vibration, dust entry and noise. Some models feature further sound suppression packages.

To help operators focus their attention on the worksite, dashboard and instrumentation are designed to quickly give them the information they need. Gauges are easy to read. Warning lamps and messages provide alerts in the operators’ own language.

Working after sunset? Cat High Intensity Gas Discharge work lights produce a daylight color that consumes less power, generates less heat and lasts longer than traditional halogen lighting. Some models offer further enhanced visibility with a rear-view camera that provides a 115-degree panoramic viewing angle visible on a 7-inch (17.78-cm) LCD color monitor. Talk to your Cat dealer for more information.

Cat dozers have also been equipped with an Operator Not Present Monitoring System, which keeps the parking brake engaged and the hydraulic implements disabled until the operator is seated and the machine is ready for operation. When the operator leaves the seat, the parking brake is activated if necessary and the transmission and implement controls are made inactive.


Maintenance safety

Proper, regular machine maintenance is crucial for optimizing performance and extending the life and usability of your machine.

Make sure you relieve your dozer’s hydraulic pressure before maintenance. Cat dozers come equipped with ports for fluids like engine coolant, hydraulic, powertrain and engine oils, which assist in monitoring the quality of the fluids being used in the machine. Quick oil change and fast-fill fuel options reduce the amount of time needed to service your machines. Quick-connect couplings make those rapid fluid fills possible. And the pressurized single-point fill nozzle at ground level limits the need for technicians to climb on and off the machine, improving safety.

Learn more about dozer safety by consulting your Cat dealer or refer to your Operation and Maintenance Manual.


Cat® dozers vary in available safety features. Learn more about what’s available to you.

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