Down To Earth: 2023 Agriculture Industry Trends
Down To Earth: 2023 Agriculture Industry Trends

2023 Agriculture Industry Trends

Learn more about the 2023 agriculture industry trends to keep on your radar.

Ben Rice | Agriculture Industry Representative

A new year is here, and that means new or continuing trends that could impact your farm. Check out what 2023 agriculture industry trends are on the horizon below.

Average Age of Farmers Continues to Rise

The average age of farmers in the US has risen to 57 years old as of 2022, and that shows no signs of changing drastically this year. However, there is some good news — the average age of beginning farmers, which the USDA defines as having farmed for 10 years or less, is 46 years old. One way the agriculture industry might attract younger farmers is through social media, giving the younger generation a peek into what a day in the life of a farmer looks like.

Technology to Make Work Easier

Technology that helps boost productivity on the job is another 2023 agriculture industry trend. It’s helped make farming more efficient, and as new technologies emerge or become more widely used, that trend will continue to grow. Using things like drones can help make cattle farming less labor-intensive, for example, while machine automation can lead to safer operation on the job. Onboard features on your machines can also make your workday more productive and have the added bonus of helping newer operators learn the ropes more quickly.

Changing Weather Patterns

Changes in weather patterns and an increase in extreme weather are on the rise. Some areas are becoming wetter and experiencing more flooding, while others are getting drier and more drought-prone. All this can have a big impact on the agriculture industry, threatening everything from crop supplies to livestock health.

Importance of Sustainability Grows

Farming will play a big role in combating some of the climate change effects on our environment. Methods like rotational grazing and crop rotation can help restore and preserve soil health, so you’re able to farm for years to come. Adopting water conservation practices will also be more important, especially for farms in drier areas.

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Ben Rice
Ben Rice

Ben Rice

Agriculture Industry Representative

Having spent his formative years on a tobacco farm, Ben Rice went on in the agriculture field to earn degrees in Agriculture Business Management and Agriculture Science from North Carolina State University. Rice now brings his invaluable expertise to Caterpillar as an industry sales and service representative.





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