On The Level: 2022 Agriculture Industry Trends
On The Level: 2022 Agriculture Industry Trends

2022 Agriculture Industry Trends

From crop monitoring to equipment telematics, find out how these 2022 agriculture industry trends could shape your year and how you can adapt.

CAITLIN MADDOCK-BAHR | Social Media & Digital Strategy Manager

After the past two years of change and uncertainty, it helps to stay on top of trends and adapt early. Keep your business in the loop by reading up on these 2022 agriculture industry trends.

Crop Monitoring Technology

Just because you can’t be on the farm 24/7 doesn’t mean you can’t make real-time decisions on the fly. Crop monitoring technology is quickly becoming a 2022 agriculture industry trend and appearing on more farms, and it’s easy to see why. Using mounted cameras throughout the field, crop monitoring technology takes photos to be used in reports and sent to your smartphone. You can then use these updates to make important decisions while you’re away from the farm.

Going hand-in-hand with crop monitoring is equipment telematics. This machine monitoring technology can be added to your equipment to give real-time updates on performance. This is especially useful in helping you plan and schedule maintenance for your machines, making sure they are ready when your farm needs them the most.

Labor Shortage Solutions

Tackling labor shortages is another 2022 agriculture industry trend that will impact your farm. One of the easiest ways to address this issue is with technology. Farmers can use machine automation to take care of tasks that would traditionally be done by workers.

For example, you can have a solar-powered robot spray herbicide, while machines with robotic arms do your weeding and berry picking. The opportunities are endless. While these machines are not cheap, they can fill gaps in your farm’s team, and save you time and money in the long run.

Leveraging fleet management programs is another way to impact your productivity as well as your cash flow and expense management during the labor shortage.

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In addition to labor shortages, you might also be seeing a shift in labor demographics. Nowadays, there are more baby boomers entering retirement than there are young adults entering the workforce. This means the agriculture industry has to work extra hard to attract young workers to the farm.

Social media is an easy way for the agriculture industry to gain exposure, and apps like TikTok and Instagram can help you highlight what you do. People like Farmer Froberg have already seen success on social media by posting educational and engaging content to their followers. Other farmers can replicate his success by posting their own experiences and showing the fun and rewarding side of a very important job.

There’s no telling what new changes this year will throw at us but staying on top of these trends and adapting as they come will help your business succeed this year and beyond.

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