Industrial power connectivity
Industrial power connectivity

Cat® Industrial Power Digital Services

Extend your Cat® engine’s life by making the right choice for your engine, your fleet and your business with enhanced insights and equipment data from Cat Digital Services. Complex specs are made simple with real-time, comprehensive data in an easy-to-understand format, conveniently on your smart device. Find the insights you need to make decisions on the fly, secure the health of your equipment and minimize nonproductive time.

Access critical data, anywhere and anytime from the palm of your hand, with real-time data viewable on your smart device.
Easily retrofit any existing equipment by browsing, selecting and consulting your dealer — all directly from any smartphone or computer.
Utilize the cloud-based platform designed to scale with you, your operation and your complete fleet, no matter the brand.
Design your fully customizable interface and notification system to best suit your business’s specific needs, so you can view only what’s most important.
There’s a plan for your specific needs in our range of service tiers, designed to provide a digital solution package fit for any operation.
Rely on a global network of partners and equipment that exists to ensure your equipment is always operating at peak performance.

Cat Connectivity | Digital Services

Stay Ahead of Downtime with Cat Digital Services

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VisionLink® is a comprehensive remote monitoring and asset management solution, with intuitive web interfaces that transform asset information—regardless of manufacturer—into essential information required to boost productivity, reduce costs and manage risks.

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Cat Inspect


With Cat Inspect, you can easily assign, complete and review inspections for any machine—all from the app. This tool can be combined with other Cat Equipment Management resources to help you make informed decisions for your business.

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Cat Remote Fleet Vision


Cat Remote Fleet Vision (RFV) gives you a complete view of your Cat powered fleet. Locate, track and manage all your assets with a just a few clicks—no matter where you’re located or what brands you operate.

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Cat VisionLink Makes Assessing Data Simple

VisionLink is a cloud-based software application that takes the guesswork out of fleet management with key insights to maximize performance—regardless of fleet size or equipment manufacturer. Receive equipment data seamlessly to your desktop or mobile device, all from a convenient, centralized location, to make informed decisions at every turn.

  • Use customizable dashboards to best suit your operation
  • Stay informed with dynamic reporting capabilities
  • Get actionable information to make decisions that benefit your bottom line
  • Navigate easily through the mobile-ready interface

Ready to equip your operation with VisionLink? Your dealer can get you started.

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Make the Most of Asset Data with Cat Remote Fleet Vision (RFV)

Cat Remote Fleet Vision (RFV) provides you with the customized data you need to identify and resolve problems quickly. Locate, track and manage all your assets with just a few clicks—no matter where you’re located or what brands you operate. Your data is at your fingertips through any satellite, cellular or local network connection.

  • Works with your engine’s Product Link™ hardware to provide asset data
  • Make smart, fast decisions from wherever you are
  • Decide when and how you receive alerts with customizable thresholds
  • Keep service visits low with Remote Flash and Remote Troubleshooting

Reach out to your dealer for more information or to request a quote on Cat RFV for your operation.

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Remote Vision Link

Maximize Equipment Health


  • Maximize uptime with full-view, live insights into fleet and equipment health, productivity, scheduling, location, fuel usage, maintenance and other key data points.
  • Direct visibility to critical equipment information ensures sound, data-backed business decision-making.
Maximise Equipment Health

Customized To Your Needs


  • An intuitive cloud-based platform, Cat Equipment Management provides you a fully customizable interface and notification system, all built to scale for you with digital data insights and fleet-connecting solutions.
  • Powerful yet simple systems seamlessly connect all data types for all types of equipment.
Maximise Equipment Health

Solutions for Any Application and Industry


  • Breadth of customizable data-collection software, hardware, products and tools for customers of all sizes, specialties, complexities and industries.
  • Add equipment at any time, even after purchases.
Maximise Equipment Health

How Do Cat Digital Services Work?

With data collected and transmitted from inside your machine, Cat Telematics Hardware sends your engine’s information to the Data Platform on the cloud. From there, it will be analyzed and processed into your portal in real time. Your Cat dealer also has access to your equipment data for seamless troubleshooting and consultation.

Cat digital services global connectivity

Organize and Track Data with My.Cat.Com

Access all of your engine data all in one place—from any location and any device—all with the same login.

It’s All Connected

Whether you’re an owner or renter, have one site of operation or work around the world, Cat Digital Services allow you to have a more complete view of the health of your fleet from wherever, whenever.

Management as a Conversation

Understanding each piece of your equipment allows you to make educated choices and take charge. Send updates and make adjustments to maxmize performance, push updates to resolve problems as they arise and manage your usage rates to beat downtime.

Backup is Baked In

Our automated insight gives you the ability to make intelligent management decisions more quickly than ever before. As with everything Cat offers, this performance upgrade comes backed by the personal support of our expert personnel.

Download the Cat
Digital Services Guide

Start turning intelligence into action. For a deeper understanding of how Cat Digital Services improve your operational efficiency, download the guide to evaluate packages side by side.


Download the Cat Digital Services Guide
Download the Cat Digital Services Guide

How It Works

Get ready for global connectivity. Cat Digital Services empower you to have a more complete view of the health of your fleet. Boost your total fleet IQ and take control of your operations and productivity.

Cat digital services global connectivity

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