MineStar Health applications provide visualization and reporting of machine electronic data — from diagnostic tools for technicians and a site-based visualization and reporting tool to innovative offerings that deliver insights you can use to take your maintenance organization from reactive to proactive.

MineStar Health — Equipment Insights

Health – Equipment Insights is a cost-effective and user-friendly data visualization and reporting tool that you can access with a simple activation, using hardware already installed on your machine. It empowers you to efficiently view, manage and use machine data — so you can make informed maintenance decisions that will help maximize the availability of your equipment.

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Health Equipment Insights


MineStar Health — Office

Health – Office helps you see and analyze machine data, giving you knowledge you can use to make important maintenance decisions that help reduce unscheduled stoppages, improve the efficiency of the maintenance organization and increase availability of equipment. Office monitors machine health and production and manages and analyzes maintenance events.

  • Interfaces with Cat machines and those from other manufacturers
  • Collects machine data such as trends, datalogger, production, cumulatives, snapshots, histograms and alarms
  • Performs live channel polling
  • Generates health reports, charts and KPI analysis
  • Visualizes maintenance events on your mine map
  • Allows for automatic data merging and reporting, and automatic delivery of reports via e-mail or web.

MineStar Health — Technician Toolbox

Technician Toolbox is a service and diagnostics tool that empowers technicians — making it possible for them to perform individual machine configurations on the spot and review data through a customizable and user-friendly dashboard. In addition, users can trigger snapshots and activate dataloggers to gather critical machine health data.

  • Leverages a new software architecture to deliver a more reliable machine connection, so you can get equipment back to work faster.
  • Delivers a modern, enhanced user experience.
  • Provides advanced interactive reporting with widgets and dashboards powered by Health-Equipment Insights.
  • Integrates with Cat Cloud, providing an option to directly upload data for visualization in Health -  Equipment Insights.