3 Things To Know About The Cat® 3512E Tier 4 Final DGB Engine

3512E Tier 4 Final DGB Engine

3 Things To know

about the 3512E DGB Engine

3 Things To Know About The Cat® 3512E Tier 4 Final DGB Engine

Caterpillar Field Service Engineer Andy Westen knows you’ve got a lot on your mind — so he’s made it easy to remember the key features of our newest Dynamic Gas Blending™ engine for well service. Watch this short video to learn the top three things you need to know about the Cat® 3512E Tier 4 Final DGB engine.

Don’t mind spoilers? Here’s a preview:

  1. It’s a factory-fit solution that’s the first to meet Tier 4 Final emission standards on diesel and gas.
  2. It’s maximum diesel displacement rate is 85%.

It’s a flexible engine that will run on any jobsite and any type of fuel.





3512E Tier 4 Final Dynamic Gas Blending Engine

The first in the industry certified to U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final, this innovative dual-fuel engine automatically maximizes the amount of gas used to displace diesel. You save big on fuel without giving up the performance of diesel.

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Displacement Vs. Substitution: What’s the Difference?

Displacement VS. Substitution

The two terms are often used interchangeably — but they shouldn’t be. It pays to understand the difference as you’re calculating your diesel savings.

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Less Idle, More Profit with EIRS


Most frac rigs operate at idle 40-60 percent of the time. That’s a lot of nonproductive hours, and they’re not free. New technology from Caterpillar that reduces idle time can pay for itself in about a year.

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An Eye on EIRS

An Eye on EIRS

Available as a factory-installed option or retrofit on Cat® 3512C and 3512E engines, the Engine Idle Reduction System (EIRS) was developed for one purpose: to decrease your nonproductive idle time.

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Save $1M+ A Year

Save $1M+ A Year* With 3 Simple Well Service Technologies

A 16-unit frac rig could save more than a million dollars annually with the Pump Electronic Monitoring System, Dynamic Transmission Output Control and Engine Idle Reduction System. See how.

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Save Fuel. Reduce Emissions. All Without Sacrificing Diesel Performance.

Cat® 3512E Dynamic Gas Blending Engine

Cat® Dynamic Gas Blending (DGB) engines for well service let you operate on the industry’s wide range of fuels. You could cut your diesel consumption by as much as 85%.

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Cat® Oil & Gas Ratings Guide

Get the detailed specifications of Cat Oil & Gas solutions needed for your projects right at your fingertips.

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