Technology delivers

High displacement and low emissions

Technology Delivers High Displacement and Low Emissions


How does the Cat® 3512E Tier 4 Final engine with Dynamic Gas Blending™ achieve the industry’s best diesel displacement, widest fuel flexibility and greatest greenhouse gas reduction? Through the use of some of the industry’s biggest technology advancements. Here are three of the most important:

In-Cylinder Pressure Sensing (ICPS)

ICPS monitors the pressure inside each cylinder, then precisely adjusts the gas flow to help you achieve the highest levels of diesel displacement — up to 85% — and fuel cost savings. Individually controlling combustion and monitoring pressure in each cylinder also helps you remain Tier 4 Final compliant.

Solenoid-Operated Gas Admission Valves (SOGAVs)

SOGAVs are high-pressure gas-metering devices that control fuel injection through each cylinder. The 3512E Tier 4 Final DGB engine’s electronic control module determines how long each SOGAV is activated to admit the proper amount of gas into each cylinder. By controlling fuel flow into the cylinder precisely, SOGAVs optimize engine performance for high fuel efficiency and low emissions.

Engine Idle Reduction System (EIRS)

Exclusive to Caterpillar and available as an option on the 3512E Tier 4 Final DGB engine, EIRS reduces nonproductive idle time by automatically shutting down the engine between pumping stages. On a 16-unit frac rig fleet, it could decrease idle by 60% — cutting fuel consumption by 3-5% over the course of a year. EIRS also cuts your maintenance costs because your power train accumulates fewer hours.

But that’s not all. Just like its Tier 4 Final diesel equivalent, the 3512E DGB engine also features:

  • High-pressure common-rail fuel system with full electronic injection that’s easy to disassemble and service
  • High-pressure fuel pump that provides best-in-class rail pressure to keep NOx and particulate matter emissions down
  • Single-stage turbochargers that significantly reduce complexity and turn exhaust air into power
  • NOx Reduction System with three Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) coolers and an active heat shield that reduce in-cylinder temperatures to meet emission standards

Find out more about the technology advancements available on the new 3512E Tier 4 Final DGB engine — and how they can help you lower diesel consumption, emissions and operating costs. Get in touch with your local Cat dealer for all the details.




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