The October 1 – Decemeber 31, 2020 Product Support Program. This program helps you with operating costs with benefits including EPP, PM1-PM4 and VisionLink® credits.

The Great Payback Event

How does the Product Support Program work?

• Offer includes a 3-year/5,000-hour Powertrain + Hydraulic + Technology (P+H+T) Equipment Protection Plan (EPP) for eligible machines.
• 3-year/5,000-hour coverage for Preventative Maintenance intervals (PM1, PM2, PM3, PM4)
• Up to 36 months of VisionLink™ Connectivity Support

Qualifying Machines
Go here to see eligible machines.

Corporate Account, National Account, Governmental, Global Pipeline, Global Mining and all other managed accounts.

Equipment Protection Plan
You will receive a 3-year/5,000-hour Powertrain + Hydraulic + Technology (P+H+T) Equipment Protection Plan (EPP) for eligible machines or equivalent coverage.

Product Support Credit
This support is intended for dealers to provide Parts Kits for you to execute PM1, PM2, PM3 and PM4 through the first 5,000 hours. Dealers can upsell labor and additional services (TA1, DPF, etc.)

Connectivity Support
A customer will receive up to 36 months of VisionLink™ Connectivity support. Connectivity Support credit will be issued through post sale program to dealer (GCSS). Program credit is based on 36 months of Dealer Net cost of VisionLink daily.


Can dealers offer a different VisionLinkTM Subscription from VisionLink Daily?

Yes. Dealers will work with you to determine the best VisionLink solution to fit your needs.


What if I purchase a product that is included in the campaign and one that is not? Can the campaign offer be applied to both products?

No. Each product is eligible for different merchandising support. This national offer supports some products but not all.


Why are some Caterpillar product families or models excluded from the program?

Caterpillar wants to focus this program on select machines and models in the construction and infrastructure industry segments.


Are the EPP and Customer Value Agreement (CVA) credits transferable?

EPP: Yes, as it is documented in SIMSi and Cat Insurance system

CVA: Yes, local in-territory machine customer transfer; and across dealer territories as long as Dealer A and Dealer B agree to transfer the remaining credit due on the specific machine SN.


Which machines qualify for Product Support Program?

Click below to see qualifying machines.