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Cat® MineStar™ Command for drilling delivers cost-effective, high precision drilling through automation — which will ultimately reduce operating costs, increase safety and improve productivity. Command for drilling ensures that every hole is accurately placed, drilled to the proper elevation and angle, and able to stand up until blasting. A range of capabilities lets site managers configure and automate the drilling system to their budgets and needs. From predrill planning to blasting, Command impacts the bottom line all the way through the crusher and mill.


10% Reduction in Cycle Times

Reducing in cycle delays turn non-drilling time into drilling time resulting in overall fleet productivity

35% Increase in Hole Consistency

Higher, more consistent hole positioning and drilling rates result in quality holes and less redrills.

20% Accuracy Improvement

Significant improvement in positional and depth accuracy vs. staffed Terrain operation.

12.5% Improvement in Utilization

Enables operators to manage more than one machine and facilitates short breaks and quick shift changes.

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Cat Command for Drilling

Cat Command for Drilling

Command for Drilling Commercial

Drilling Variability

Command for Drilling Commercial
Drilling Variability

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