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The success of your business depends on the quality of your operators. Good operators move the maximum amount of material in the minimum amount of time. They run machines safely, and they know how to cut down on unnecessary wear and tear.

Convenient and Cost Effective

Cat Operator Training eLearning helps you get the most out of the machines you already have, improving your return on investments. You bought Cat machines for their durability, reliability and productivity; get the most out of them with learning materials from the same company. Whether you're a beginning operator, technician, equipment owner or you just love Cat equipment, the eLearning products will provide you basic knowledge on safety, maintenance, pre-operating procedures and operating procedures.

Independent Study for Operator Training courses include: interactive exercises, knowledge self-checks, exams, resources section with tailgate safety presentations, operator cabs and controls, specalogs and valuable web site links. >> VIEW SAMPLES

Two ways to experience the benefits of independent study for Cat Operator Training

Web based courses offered through The School of Operator Training on Caterpillar University
Web based courses are available per title through the School of Operator Training on Caterpillar University. Registration is required and credit card payment is accepted.

Online Course Cost = $34.95

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CD titles that do not require a connection to the Internet
Computer based CDs are available by title or bundled by industry. CD titles can be purchased online or through your local Cat Dealer. You will need to provide that Cat Media number to your local dealer.

Online Purchase Price = $49.95
Bundle Price = General Construction $159.95, Heavy Construction $239.95, Quarry/Mining $199.95
Dealer Price = Varies by location, contact your local Cat dealer for pricing

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Available Titles

Hydraulic Excavators
General Construction (301.5-318C) - TERV2003
Heavy Construction (320B-350) - TERV2004
Quarry/Mining (365B-5230B) - TERV2005

Off-Highway Trucks
Heavy Construction (769C-775F) - TERV3018
Quarry/Mining (777B-797B) - TERV3019

Wheel Loaders
General Construction (904B-936G) - TERV4003
Heavy Construction (938F-980H) - TERV4004
Quarry/Mining (988H-994F) - TERV4005

Backhoe Loaders
General Construction (416E-450E) - TERV9010

Track-Type Tractors
General Construction (D3G-D5G) - TERV6003
Heavy Construction (D6T-D8T) - TERV6004
Quarry/Mining (D9T-D11R) - TERV6005

Wheel Tractor-Scraper
Heavy Construction (613G-627G) - TERV5004
Quarry/Mining (631G-657G) - TERV5005

Articulated Trucks
Heavy Construction (725-740) - TERV8004

Motor Graders
Heavy Construction (120-12M) - TERV1004
Quarry/Mining (14M-24M) - TERV1005

Bundles by Industry
General Construction - TERV0003, includes available General Construction titles
Heavy Construction - TERV0004, includes available Heavy Construction titles
Quarry/Mining - TERV0005, includes available Quarry/Mining titles

To learn more about all the training options available, call 1-800-962-6628, email Equipment Training Solutions or contact your local dealer. Don't forget to check back frequently as new materials become available!

eLearning Computer Screen
eLearning Computer Screen