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Communication strategies for leaders

Achieve authentic engagement with employees by communicating with powerful words and deeds.

Communication Strategies for Leaders workshop

About Communication Strategies for Leaders 

Leaders, either by title or influence, constantly send messages to their organization that shape their employees’ attitudes and drive their behaviors.

Intentionally or unintentionally, every word and action from a leader tells a story about what’s important to him/her. Consistently sending the “right” message that will motivate desired behaviors requires deliberate consideration about the way others receive information and which communication modes are most effective in conveying your true intentions.

Designed specifically for leaders, this workshop will assist participants in formulating individual communication strategies to share their vision, demonstrate visible commitment and optimize accountability through positive recognition.

Key Facts

Who's it for?             Executives, managers, supervisors and leaders at all levels.
Why do it? To develop effective safety leadership communication skills.
Format 3-5 hour workshop.
  • Understand link between leader communication and employee behavior.
  • Understand reasons for resistance and learn to apply change management principles for overcoming challenges.
  • Identify numerous active and passive communication channels that can be utilized regularly to support vision and drive accountability.
  • Explain how the brain responds to communication, and use simple strategies for activating rational, creative thinking in others.
  • Build and deploy simple communication plans for maximizing messaging opportunities.

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