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Because safety doesn’t just happen

Safety takes intentional commitment and the willingness to grow and evolve as an organization and as individuals. Every employee is somebody’s mom, dad, son, daughter, brother, or sister, and no tractor, bridge, pipeline, road, or truckload of minerals is worth their life. We believe in improving lives and exist to bring out the best in people. 

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As a manufacturing company, safety has always been important to Caterpillar, but nearly 20 years ago we launched into a journey to continually improve our safety culture here at Caterpillar. The safety challenges we’ve faced - and continue to overcome - are common to many organizations in the industries we serve. 

Caterpillar Safety Services products and services served as the catalyst for safety culture improvement at Caterpillar, and those same products and services are supporting companies of all sizes and industries to achieve and sustain safety excellence.

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Why Choose Us? 

Get the story behind our unique approach to safety and meet some of the safety specialists who bring it to life.

Our Approach

Our engaging continuous improvement process brings safety to life for all levels of the organization – senior leaders become visibly committed, middle managers ensure accountability and front-line employees become actively involved in developing or improving safety processes. Safety becomes everyone's responsibility, not just the safety department.

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CSS Approach

Our Story

For years we've been focused on continuously improving safety. The journey is never over.  

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Caterpillar Story

Our Team

These are the experts who train and support our customers, Caterpillar facilities and even Cat dealers.

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CSS Team

Safety Resources

Case Studies

Watch and read our customers' experience of partnering with us

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Safety Leadership Articles

Our key content pieces for organizations keen to learn more about how to improve their safety

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Explore upcoming events including speaking engagements and workshops. We can also provide expert speakers for your events.

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