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Having strong safety fundamentals means your organization is well on the way toward safety excellence.

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What are the Safety Fundamentals?

Safety fundamentals is our term for a well-defined set of processes and behaviors that organizations require to be operating at a strong safety level, beyond basic safety. At this level, you are no longer struggling to meet compliance requirements and safety responsibilities are assigned and understood. An organization with good safety fundamentals has a strong foundation for safety excellence.

What does an organization with good safety fundamentals look like?

Organizations with strong safety fundamentals have established and integrated key safety practices:

  • Safety responsibilities are assigned, understood and observed.
  • Safety procedures and policies are well defined.
  • Safety data is recorded and reviewed.
  • Regulatory and compliance obligations are met.
  • Incident rates are under control and not above industry average.
  • Management is supportive of safety initiatives.

Safety fundamentals: four key areas to address

EASY AND EFFECTIVE SAFETY TRAINING Your team should be able to easily access effective safety training such as compliance-related e-Learning and technology like Virtual Reality.
SAFETY COMMUNICATION FUNDAMENTALS Good safety practices are built on implementing effective communication skills – those skills can be around how to effectively speak up when you see something unsafe and / or how to give positive recognition when you see things being done safely.
PERFECTING FOUNDATIONAL SAFETY PROCESSES Safety processes like Job Hazard Analysis and Root Cause Analysis are foundational and need to be done correctly to be effective.
WORKSITE ASSESSMENTS Understand the effectiveness of your Safety Management System and perception of the safety culture in the field. 


Where are you on the safety maturity scale?

Learn about the 5 levels of safety and plot where your organization sits on the safety maturity scale.

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