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Be a leader in your field with a safety culture that attracts the best talent and grows your business.

Leaders in the field

What is safety leadership?

Safety is not just an obligation and a duty to your employees. Safety excellence can set you apart from the rest and give you a competitive advantage. An organization that is recognized for being the safest in its industry attracts and retains the best talent, and enjoys a preference over competitors in the eyes of your customers. Becoming the best is a journey that takes time and commitment from everyone in the organization, especially leaders. It’s worth the effort: if you’re leading with safety excellence, people want to work with you and for you.

What does an organization with excellent safety leadership look like?

Leaders have developed the right skills to effectively lead safety:

  • All levels of management consistently demonstrate visible commitment to safety.
  • Safety processes are fully integrated across the business at all levels.
  • Continuous improvement is owned by both management and employees, and both value participation.
  • Failures are seen as a learning opportunity.
  • The organization is a leading innovator of safety and is recognized within its industry.

The three signs of a relentless organization with strong safety leaders

SUSTAINABLE SAFETY     Safety culture is a core value and continues to live long after going through an initial change process. You lead the industry conversation on safety culture. When your competitors talk about safety, they talk about you.  
FULLY OPERATIONALIZED SAFETY Fully embedded safety processes across your entire operation, owned by each team, with clear tangible results of reduced  incidents and engaged employees.
SAFETY AS A COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Your culture, safety record, and practices help attract and retain the best employees, achieve new levels of productivity, and drive new business.

Where are you on the safety maturity scale?

Learn about the 5 levels of safety and plot where your organization sits on the safety maturity scale.

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