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Job Hazard Analysis Workshop

Job Hazard Analysis enables participants to recognize hazards and risks for  for a variety of processes, equipment and jobsites, helping to reduce incidents and injuries. 

Job Hazard Analysis workshop

About Job Hazard Analysis

Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) is a foundational safety process that most organizations perform, but few do with excellence. Learning or revisiting the critical components of the processes can help you determine how well your are leveraging this important activity.  

The workshop will review the 5-step hazard analysis process in depth. Beginning with a self-assessment of current Job Hazard Analysis processes, participants will practice using several desk-top and role-play exercises. We cover the differences and similarities between JHAs, Job Briefings and Standard Operating Procedures and how they complement each other.

After learning how to break down jobs and identify hazards methodically, the participant will learn to apply the proper control(s) commensurate with total risk.

Key Facts

Who's it for?             Supervisors, managers and safety professionals.
Why do it? Accurately analyze hazards in the workplace, so you can improve safety controls to reduce incidents and injuries.
Format 8 hour workshop - The Job Hazard Analysis workshop is delivered by Caterpillar experts on your premises or virtually.
  • Recognize hazards and proper level of control for a variety of processes, equipment and jobsites.
  • Describe the step-by-step JHA process and importance with the Safety Management System.
  • Realize the differences and similarities between JHAs, Job Briefings and Standard Operating.
  • Procedures and how to leverage each.
  • How to be an advocate of a strong and healthy JHA process.

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