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Understand the effect fatigue has on safety, and reduce fatigue-related incidents in the workplace.

Managing Fatigue workshop

About Managing Fatigue Around the Clock

Fatigue is a major significant contributor to safety-related incidents in the workplace, yet many organizations lack the skills to recognize when an employee is fatigued and therefore at greater risk.

The Managing Fatigue Around the Clock is designed to increase the knowledge of fatigue and personal fatigue management strategies of shift workers in all industries. 

Through the training, the participants will obtain a basic knowledge of the definition of fatigue and its signs and effects. The causes and cures of fatigue will be covered from three different perspectives; Operational, Environmental / Physiological, and Behavioral. 

Participants will be encouraged to set goals and the workshop will wrap-up with a behavior change/action plan exercise.

Key Facts

Who's it for?                   Leaders and front-line employees.
Why do it? Understand the effects of fatigue to be able to reduce fatigue-related incidents.
Format 4 hour workshop, with presentation and participant workbooks. The Managing Fatigue Around the Clock workshop is delivered by Caterpillar experts on your premises or virtually.
  • Gain a base level knowledge of fatigue.
  • Recognize signs and effects of fatigue.
  • Understand the causes and cures of fatigue from three different perspectives.

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