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Recognize it!

A positive recognition program for supervisors that flips the script on managing safety.

Positive recognition program

About Recognize It! Supervisor Safety Training

Positive recognition is the most powerful tool to motivate behaviors that create a presence of safety, yet many supervisors lack the management experience to utilize this proven approach effectively.

Recognize It! Is a safety recognition program for supervisors that provides the tools to help supervisors acknowledge what workers do right. As soon as a supervisor observes someone is working safely, he or she needs to call it out in a timely, sincere and specific way.

Recognize It! uses relatable job site examples to provide supervisors at any level a simple process for delivering safety feedback that encourages the right behaviors and motivates accountability.

By recognizing and acknowledging strong performance and safe behaviors, supervisors, managers and leads can expect to benefit from: increased productivity, proactive values, clearer accountabilities, positive expectations, better morale and a less inhibited environment where people are more willing to speak up.


Key Facts

Who's it for?             Supervisors.
Why do it? Learn positive recognition skills that have a proven effect on improving safe behaviors.
Format 8 hour course, with presentation, video, participant workbooks and facilitator guide. Recognize It! can be delivered by Caterpillar experts or by facilitators within your organization or virtually. Inquire about available languages. 
  • Learn why positive recognition is a powerful tool to reinforce correct behavior.
  • Understand the key elements of effective recognition.
  • Be skilled enough to immediately implement positive recognition.

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