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Accurately identify the true underlying causes of incidents so that the most effective solutions can be defined and implemented. While often used when something goes wrong, Root Cause Analysis is also an essential tool to be used for general problem solving and process improvement.

Root Cause Analysis workshop

About Root Cause Analysis Workshop

Many organizations are unable to diagnose the true causes of incidents, meaning any remedial actions are likely to fail and incidents reoccur. Yet the skills to accurately analyze and identify the true causes of incidents or behaviors are easy to learn and practice. The Root Cause Analysis Workshop will teach you methodologies and tools to do this.

The workshop begins with a self-assessment of current problem-solving processes and the results are leveraged throughout. We introduce and go through a 7-step problem solving process. Several real-life case studies are reviewed and common brainstorming methods such as Cause and Effect (Fishbone), 5-Why and Affinity diagramming are practiced through use of group exercises and worksheets. 

The workshop concludes with a discussion and exercises related to the long-term effectiveness and sustainability of corrective actions related to incidents.  Participants will be able to start practicing immediately.

Key Facts

Who's it for?             Supervisors, managers and safety professionals
Why do it? Accurately analyze the true causes of problems. This essential skill will improve the effectiveness of any safety process improvements you implement.
Format 8-hour workshop, with presentation and handouts. The Root Cause Analysis workshop is delivered by Caterpillar experts on your premises or virtually.
  • Understand the step-by-step problem-solving process.
  • Be able to apply tools and techniques to determine root causes.
  • Select and implement corrective actions commensurate with risk.
  • Work within teams to eliminate incidents.
  • Apply accountability across the organization to ensure corrective actions remain effective.

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