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SafelyHome, the Caterpillar Training Center, offers a wide variety of high-quality, engaging compliance-related eLearning, safety culture training programs and workshops to help you achieve a culture of safety excellence across your organization.

SafelyHome training center

About SafelyHome, online safety training

SafelyHome, the Caterpillar Training Center, is an online training platform that covers the full range of organizational requirements. 

Over 200 e-Learning courses give front-line employees essential training in an accessible on-demand video format. Courses are available in a range of languages.

Instructor-led training courses, which can be facilitated by your in-house trainers or Caterpillar Safety Services consultants, provide all levels of the organization with skills to build and sustain a zero-incident culture. Access to  many of our most popular workshops and safety programs is included.

SafelyHome also gives you access to a powerful Learning Management System (LMS) that enables you to create custom training plans and courses for individual departments or employees. For instance, you can allocate courses for new hires, or combine courses to create specific training tracks.

SafelyHome is accessible via an annual subscription for your organization.

Key Facts

Who's it for?             Organizations looking for a comprehensive online safety training platform.
Why do it? Gives you access to a vast range of e-Learning, online safety courses, safety culture training programs and workshops. Enables you to build tailored training plans for individuals or departments.
Format e-Learning videos accessible online.  Workshops and safety programs include downloadable materials.
  • Access a wide range of safety training.
  • Create tailored training programs for individuals or teams.

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