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Take a deeper dive into the attributes and behaviors of a transformational safety leader. Develop the skills and a personal action plan to become one.

Leading for Safety

About Leading for Safety

A transformational safety leader leads by example and has a strong, positive influence on those around them. People follow this type of leader and voluntarily and passionately give their best every day. 

This workshop provides supervisors, managers and leaders personal development in the four basic skills (‘domains’) required to be a safety leader: accountability, connectivity, credible consciousness and trust.

These four domains, along with fourteen elements of leadership-based safety, form the agenda for this dynamic, research-based experience. Participants begin to develop the four skills and leave with a personal safety leadership development plan they can put into practice immediately following the session.

If they understand and refine four specific skills, your leaders will position themselves and your organization for safety excellence.

Key Facts

Who's it for?             Supervisors, managers and leaders (does not necessarily need to have a formal leadership title). 
Why do it? Learn the skills and create a personalized action plan to become an effective safety leader.
Format Two-day workshop, with presentation and participant workbooks. The Leading For Safety workshop is delivered by Caterpillar experts on your premises or virtually.
  • Create a strong safety accountability system.
  • Create connectivity between safety, business operations and employees.
  • Earn a personal credibility with employees by demonstrating credible consciousness.
  • Build high levels of trust in business relationships.
  • Develop a personal action plan to improve safety leadership capability.

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