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Pipeline Safety Leadership Training

Build and enhance your safety culture with training that is relevant and specific to the pipeline industry.

Pipeline Safety Leadership Training workshop

About Pipeline Safety Leadership Training

Pipeline work can be amongst the riskiest so all organizations and employees involved in the industry require high standards of safety excellence.

Our Pipeline Safety Leadership Training course provides a comprehensive grounding in best-in-class safety practices, delivered in a flexible format to best suit the needs of your organization.  The curriculum consists of five modules:

  1. Leading a Safety Culture
  2. Safety Accountability
  3. Effective Communication
  4. Risk Tolerance
  5. Hazard Recognition and Control

All training content is specifically tailored to the pipeline industry, featuring examples and situations that all participants will be familiar with.

Key Facts

Who's it for?                                  Managers and leaders at all levels.
Why do it? Learn key leadership safety skills to build a strong culture of safety in your organization.
Format 12 hours in total. The training has flexible delivery options. It consists of 24 x 30 minute sessions that could be taught together in under 2 days or over a longer timeframe in separate shorter sessions. Facilitator guide, access to training powerpoint slides and video, participant workbooks and assessment tools are provided.
  • Demonstrate how a leader impacts safety culture.
  • Build a strong culture of safety accountability.
  • Create and maintain effective communication that builds trust and promotes safe, high-quality execution of work.
  • Influence employee’s tolerance of risks in the workplace.
  • Identify, manage and involve employees in effective hazard recognition and resolution techniques.

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