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Safety Leadership in Action for the ET&D industry

Comprehensive safety training for supervisors in the Electric & Transmission Distribution Industry.

Safety Leadership in Action (ET&D)

About Safety Leadership in Action for the ET&D Industry

Safety Leadership in Action is a 3-day workshop for supervisors in the Electric & Transmission Distribution (ET&D) Industry.  It covers a wide range of topics with industry-specific examples and scenarios, including field interviews from real ET&D leaders. Participants will walk away confident in building trust, engaging employees, effective communication, safety accountability, positive recognition, decreasing risk and hazard recognition.

This curriculum is performance-oriented and focuses on the core behaviors leaders must demonstrate daily. It is designed to help the individual leader understand specifically what to do and how to do it to effectively influence the attitudes, beliefs, ideas and behaviors of others so that everyone goes home safe every day.

The program provides 20 hours of flexible delivery options with five different modules, each including 3-5 sessions, so content can be divided and taught as needed.

Key Facts

Who's it for?             Front-line supervisors and leaders.
Why do it? Twenty hours of essential industry-specific safety training to enable supervisors to operate safely.
Format 3 day workshop, with participant workbooks. Also available as a train-the-trainer course.
  • Improve personal safety leadership credibility.
  • Communicate more effectively to build a stronger safety culture.
  • Create accountability around safety expectations for each role on the team.
  • Decrease risks through root cause analysis and risk tolerance management.
  • Lead teams to improve hazard recognition with effective job hazard analysis, job briefings, and site inspections.

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