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Zero-Incident Performance (ZIP)

Through leadership, assessment, training, coaching and communication support, Caterpillar Safety Services facilitates sustainable safety performance at levels never thought possible. The ZIP Process helps shape a strategy and tap into your most powerful catalyst of all: involvement.

The Six Steps to Implement Change

The Caterpillar Safety Services ZIP Process: the formula for Continuous Improvement

1. Engage Leadership
Introduce Zero-Incident Performance principles in a Safety Culture Leadership Roundtable. Get commitment.

2. Assess the Culture
Assess the health of the culture with the Safety Perception Survey and Qualitative Interviews. Communicate the findings that drive the strategic plan. Identify the milestones to create traction and ensure progress.

3. Build the Plan
Set the foundation to carry out the vision; establish the structure to elevate safety management processes; build involvement, overcome deficiencies, and drive systems of accountability.

4. Develop the Processes
Form Continuous Improvement Teams to arrive at the specific tactics to advance high-priority processes. Timelines, milestones and the beginnings of a safety accountability system are being put in place.

5. Implement the Processes
Continuous Improvement Teams deliver the outcomes: what needs to improve and how. Processes developed by the Continuous Improvement Teams will be tested, then fully implemented.

6. Check the Processes
Ensure sustainability. An Evaluation Team observes and reports on each focus area, evaluates revised processes, and identifies potential shortcomings..


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