Guide to Equipment Financing
Guide to Equipment Financing

Understanding Equipment Financing Options

There are a variety of equipment financing options available, each with their own benefits. Our equipment leasing and financing guide can help you select the right one.

Finance lease

Cat Financial's Finance Lease was developed for business owners who want to lease equipment but also have the option to buy that same piece of machinery at the end of the agreement's term. Predetermined outs in your contract can also give you the option to purchase the equipment or end the lease before it's set to expire. In terms of flexibility and effective options, it's hard to beat the finance lease. Making this option more desirable, is the 100 percent financing offered to qualified customers.

Operating lease

The Operating Lease is a powerful choice for those who are budget conscious and prefer to keep payments low. Your business receives full use of the machinery for the full term of the agreement while reducing spending when compared to other leasing and financing choices. You can also build purchase clauses into the agreement, allowing for full ownership if it makes sense for your organization. Also offering 100 percent financing for qualified customers, the operating lease is a popular product for a variety of companies.


When you know you want to own a piece of heavy equipment outright, Cat Financial is happy to offer attractive loan terms and conditions to help you achieve that goal. With the ability to use many different approaches tied to flexible payments. you can keep your loan payments on track even if you experience short-term cash-flow variations. Not all loans are created equal, and you can trust that our offerings are beneficial for business owners.

Working Capital

Heavy equipment is a core business need across many industries. However, equipment is not the only thing businesses need to have cash available for. In fact, there are a wide variety of responsibilities and opportunities that companies need cash on hand to address. Cat Financial offers flexible working capital loan terms that give you the financial flexibility to pay for a variety of business necessities to help your company grow.

Revolving Line of Credit

Revolving lines of credit can help businesses increase available working capital as well as bonding capacity. They also give a financial boost to operations, whether that's needed to act on a deal that could grow your business or have emergency funds available in case an unpredictable and serious issue arises.

Cat® Card Program

Want a financial tool that can help you address a range of financial needs tied to parts, service and rentals? Look no further - the Cat® Card is here to provide financial flexibility and an effective line of credit. Learn more about the Cat Card Program

Equipment Protection Plans

Risk management is a key consideration when it comes to major assets, whether it's your main office or your heavy equipment. Cat Financial offers coverage for new and used machines, from basic powertrain coverage to much more comprehensive repair and replacement assurance. With Cat-authorized service technicians performing all repairs through a network of more than 2,500 locations, you're never far away from getting equipment fixed and back in operation. View Equipment Protection Plans offered by Cat Financial.

Extended Service Coverage

Extended Service Coverage can protect your Cat engines and power systems. Add it to a loan, lease or purchase agreement to keep your investment safe. You'll benefit from the same network of qualified technicians that also provide service for the Equipment Protection Plans.

Physical Damage Insurance

Some accidents and incidents are unpredictable and unavoidable. Physical Damage Insurance provides repairs from certified Cat technicians, reimbursement for the full cost of genuine replacement parts and many other benefits. Learn more about insurance options from Cat Financial.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Insuring a job site is vital for capably handling potential responsibility related to an on-site incident. Cat Financial offers Commercial General Liability Insurance which allows work to continue as normal while knowing worst-case scenarios are accounted for.

Cat Financial's many different equipment leasing and financing, loan, protection and insurance options mean there's an option that will appeal to your specific needs and . An in-depth look at the products we offer can help you determine the best solution for your business. 


They’re both great options for acquiring equipment,
but one may make more sense based on your financial
situation and business goals.

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Extended Service Coverage
Extended Service Coverage

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