How Caterpillar Pay for Use™ Can Help Your Business

Discover how the Caterpillar Pay For Use™ program can improve your cash flow and offer more convenience and flexibility in your daily business operations.


Business owners understand the value of an effective financing option for their equipment. With the extensive variations possible for terms and conditions of a heavy equipment lease, finding the right option for your company can mean significant savings and an outcome that makes the most sense for your needs: Pay more when you use the machine more, pay less when you use it less.

What is Caterpillar Pay for Use and how does it help your business?

With Caterpillar Job Site Solutions you have more flexibility and options for financing the equipment your company uses every day. You need your equipment to be versatile. Shouldn't your lease be the same way?


What is Caterpillar Pay For Use?

Pay For UseTM is a simple way to describe a financing option that ties the hours your business uses its equipment to the overall lease term. There are two components of this approach: A minimum monthly fee, and additional charges based on your equipment usage. In other words, you only pay more when you use your loader, grader, excavator or other piece of machinery more frequently. Beyond this structure and the financial benefits available, consider a few of the other advantages the Pay For Use program brings to your business:

  • Financing for a single piece of heavy equipment or your entire fleet - it's your decision.
  • Build equity while also maintaining the option for your business to return the machine at the end of the lease term.
  • Align the lease to your machine's entire life cycle, up to 12 years.
  • Seasonal skip payments may be available in the lease agreement to lessen the financial burden when you and your machines aren’t working. Subject to approval.


How Caterpillar Pay For Use helps your business

There are four key operational areas to keep in mind when it comes to Pay For Use.


1. Cash Flow

The term of your lease is determined by a total number of hours compared to a set number of months or years. The lease progresses based on the number of hours the equipment is used. Actual utilization of your equipment is tracked by Caterpillar and reported to you monthly. Several benefits come from this approach, including a direct relationship between the monthly cost and how frequently you put your equipment to work. 

The ability to bank hours is also important to keep in mind. When you do not hit your hourly minimum in a given month, the unused hours carry over giving you the ability to offset months with higher utilization.  The result is a lease that gives your company a high level of control over costs, encouraging efficient cash flow management in the long term.


2. Flexibility

A very specific and structured lease can be a great thing if your company has predictable machine utilization. However, business work loads often fluctuate making it difficult to predict utilization.  Customizable leases, including skip payment options based on seasonal operation, can be especially useful for qualified customers. And with the Pay For Use program also offering a return or fixed-price purchase option for equipment, this flexibility continues all the way through the end of every lease agreement.


3. Peace of Mind

Paying for equipment itself is a vital consideration, but it is also important to manage the maintenance and repairs needed for your equipment. Caterpillar Pay For Use gives you the option to add on additional services like condition monitoring and preventative maintenance.  Instead of constantly contending with the possibility of unplanned repairs, you can trust in the benefits of this optional services agreement. This addition to the Pay For Use agreement makes sure your equipment is maintained and repaired by certified technicians through your local Cat®  dealer. With the best possible service available for your equipment, you can rest assured that your projects and operation can keep moving forward.


4. Convenience

Caterpillar Pay For Use takes the complication out of your equipment lease.  Customers are billed an hourly rate that includes both the financing cost and any services chosen in a single monthly invoice. With this invoice, you can easily stay on top of costs, banked hours, and other considerations central to the program. This convenient solution means you can leverage the benefits of Pay For Use without having to invest a significant amount of time into managing the details each month, so you can focus on what you do best

Want to learn more about the Pay For Use program? Get in touch with your local Cat dealer today!



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