Optimize Energy Savings, System Management

Growing Economic Opportunity

Energy as a Service
Energy as a Service

Energy As A Service

Energy as a service (EaaS) solutions combine an industry-leading technology platform with expert insights, managed services, and cutting-edge technology to significantly enhance the operational and economic opportunities of distributed generation and storage assets. The holistic energy market expertise provided by EaaS solutions makes distributed energy resource (DER) asset management easier and more profitable.

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Comprehensive Solutions for a Wide Range of Applications

Technology-Enhanced Generation and Storage Assets

Lower electricity costs and participate in revenue-generating programs with utility monitoring software that can predict when power demands will burden the energy supply and drive up prices. This proven technology automatically dispatches customers’ on-site assets to generate and store energy at the optimum times for maximum savings. With the ability to monitor and manage DERs, EaaS capabilities empower customers to participate in energy market programs for additional monetization.

Other benefits include understanding the operational status of individual DER assets, and analyzing and reporting on their impact. This information can be used to better manage system resources and optimize operations.


Supporting Large Energy Consumers

Commercial and industrial facilities with large electrical loads and complex energy systems can anticipate and respond to energy market opportunities without disrupting normal operations.

School districts, college campuses, and other multi-site institutions have the ability to monitor and manage the diverse DER components of their energy systems, resulting in greater transparency, resource utilization, and economic returns.

Large manufacturing or food processing companies consume high amounts of energy, resulting in high electricity bills. By using EaaS, they can save money on power bills and ensure operations during frequent utility outages.



Investor-owned and municipal utilities gain increased visibility into the customer-side assets in their service areas, making it easier to incorporate these resources into their planning and programming. By meeting their customers' expectations for new programs with EaaS offerings, municipal and cooperatively owned utilities may increase customer engagement.

By using EaaS software which monitors energy market conditions and opportunities to dispatch the assets during predicted premium price hours, utilities can lower costs that they can pass on to customers.


Customized Solutions

All services are individualized to the needs of each customer, comply with all requirements at their location, and respond to their unique energy opportunities and challenges.  The distributed energy resources management system (DERMS) system can isolate individual distributed assets or aggregate information from all assets from multiple customer sites or across a utility service area.

With development services for gas generators, solar power, and energy storage projects, services can be tailored to the existing assets of each customer and their goals. EaaS experts will conduct an in-depth analysis of a user’s energy system and the last 12 months of energy bills in addition to making a site visit to develop a report identifying the operational and economic advantages of EaaS solutions.


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Maximize Energy Savings With Minimal Investment


Energy as service capabilities offer the reliable backup power of Cat® generators and provide economic opportunities without additional investment. Learn more about energy use management without capital burden.


No upfront capital costs

Customers can transform their backup power assets into revenue-generating assets without adding new power generation assets or building space to accommodate them.

Options also exist for those interested in developing their DER assets, but who aren't ready to commit the upfront capital needed for development. EaaS can provide DER asset development without asset ownership or operating and maintenance expenses.

Project financing is accomplished using third-party investors who provide initial funding for the asset in exchange for a share of the long-term economic returns generated through its use.


Recurring savings and revenue

Energy as a service capabilities are able to continue monetizing DERs. Savings from reduced charges are automatically reflected in energy bills because the technology platform manages DER assets and programs. The revenue-grade data, validation, and settlement capabilities result in timely payments for participation in power pool, state, and utility incentive programs.


End of contract asset ownership

Owning the technology-enhancements for generation and storage assets will help drive revenue for years to come.

Total Energy System Monitoring

Energy Monitoring System 

EaaS software remotely monitors energy system signals, analyzes data, and accurately predicts opportunities to lower energy costs for sites with natural gas and renewable power generation, storage, and microgrids.

Energy providers, including investor-owned and municipal utilities, and end users such as retailers, benefit from EaaS monitoring. EaaS offers system-wide transparency down to the asset level for better customer engagement and programming opportunities. End users gain a broad perspective on their energy system which provides a number of advantages, including better utilization of generation assets, enhanced ability to reduce charges related to the energy grid’s changing conditions, and greater participation in demand response and other energy market programs.


Total Energy System Monitoring

Proven Performance

Be confident you have a mission-critical EaaS solution you can trust, with a proven track record of success and a recognized pedigree in the industry.


Total Energy System Monitoring

Energy Management System

EaaS offerings provide a holistic, turnkey approach to managing system-wide generation assets and facility energy resources to optimally respond to changing conditions on the energy grid.

Our energy experts meet with customers to assess needs and opportunities. Next, they develop an EaaS offering customized for each unique situation. Once operational, EaaS capabilities provide a broad range of features, including alerts, notifications and reports, automated asset dispatch, automated facility curtailment protocols, turnkey demand response and energy market program participation, settlement, and monetization.

  • Maximize economic returns
  • Minimize disruptions
  • Optimize operations

Energy as a service capabilities provide the fine details necessary to remotely monitor and manage individual assets and the ability to view the energy system with a single comprehensive look. The deep insights paired with responsive technology to manage and adjust asset usage improves overall operations, efficiency, and economic returns.


Industries Served

With the industry's widest range of diesel, gas, and mobile generator sets, hybrid energy storage solutions, automatic transfer switches, and switchgear, the Cat team will work directly with you for the life of your power system – from configuration to installation to operation.

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industries served

Energy storage

Energy storage will be one way to offer short-term backup power. Caterpillar can provide onsite energy storage systems to help stabilize transient loads, supply and absorb AC power, and transfer energy from time-of-generation to time-of-use with the added benefit of being carbon free. Stored energy can also be used to participate in grid services markets to avoid costs or receive financial compensation.


Caterpillar offers a variety of energy storage systems which will be critical for short-term backup power and have the added benefit of being carbon free.

Energy Storage System

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