Introducing the Cat MD6250...

The Cat MD6250 Rotary Drill is built from the ground up with 100 percent Cat parts to help you get the most out of your operation.

Built from the ground up with 100 percent Cat parts to help you get the most out of your operation. With built-in autonomous features and optional integration of Cat MineStar technologies, the Cat MD6250 offers accurate, reliable performance in any drilling application.

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... and Meet the Cat MD6310

The Cat MD6310: precision performance that drives down your costs and and drives up your profitability.

With the new Cat® MD6310 rotary blasthole drill, you choose the level of automation you need to ensure every hole is placed and drilled to plan every time. It’s precision performance that drives down your costs and and drives up your profitability.

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Precise, efficient drilling sets the stage for everything that follows. We help you get it right, right from the start, so you can watch productivity rise and costs fall all the way down the line. Cat® Drills deliver all you expect from products bearing the Cat name: best design, highest quality components and unmatched parts and service support, anywhere in the world. You deserve the total drills package—and we’re there to make sure you get it.


The newest generation of Cat® drills offers all of the benefits of autonomy.

Accurate drilling and blasting helps make every other aspect of a mining operation smoother, safer and more productive. Even minor deviations from the pattern can have a big impact, with unevenly blasted material that is harder and more costly to handle, resulting in higher cost per ton for the entire operation.

With high precision and more accurate depth tracking, autonomous drills can work far more accurately to plan. That means more accurate blasting and better-shot material, less time spent removing overburden, and higher productivity.

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CAT® Rotary Drills

Cat Rotary Drill

Exhaustive virtual development, rigorous field testing and quality manufacturing ensure our rotary drills delivers long-term reliability, even in the toughest environments.

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Terrain for drilling

Terrain for drilling - Mining Technology

Precision guidance helps operators complete patterns accurately and productively, while improving safety and reducing costs on site.

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Command for drilling

Command for drilling - Mining Technology

State-of-the-art guidance technologies help operators drill holes in the exact location and to the exact depth specified by the plan.

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How does drilling impact your bottom line?
How can you optimize your mining operation?

Success in today’s environment requires more than the industry’s best equipment. It requires solutions—and partnerships—that extend well beyond the iron.

When you choose Caterpillar, that commitment to ongoing, above-and-beyond support comes standard. We work hand in hand with you to address big issues: Controlling costs. Boosting production. Squeezing more life out of every investment. And integrating technology, data and automation in ways that make sense for mining.

In our monthly Cat® Mining Webinar series, Caterpillar subject matter experts "drill" into these topics, sharing best-practices and real-world solutions for addressing demanding mining challenges. Check out some of our past episodes and sign up for upcoming sessions here:

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The power of Caterpillar is more than iron. It’s also the end-to-end services and solutions that we provide to our mining customers around the world.

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