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The biggest development in technology over the last decade has been in machine automation, and Caterpillar has been a leader on the journey toward automation for many years. Today, Cat® MineStar™ Command solutions make it possible for miners to automate a single mining process, remotely control a single machine, automate multiple types of equipment across a mixed fleet, or implement a completely autonomous fleet of haul trucks that operate around the clock with no human intervention.

The significant benefits of automation can be realized with even the simplest of applications. Individual technology offerings can be used alone or combined in multiple ways to take advantage of immediate productivity, efficiency and safety gains and serve as the building blocks leading to autonomous mining operations.

We’re committed to delivering technology solutions that can make a difference for mines of every size and with every type of equipment. Together, we’ll find the level of automation that’s right for your operation.

Bringing Autonomous Hauling to Gold Mining

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Command for Drilling — Automate your Drilling Operation

Command for drilling delivers cost-effective, high precision drilling through automation — which will ultimately reduce operating costs, increase safety and improve productivity. From predrill planning to blasting, Command impacts the bottom line all the way through the crusher and mill.

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Command for Drilling

Command for Dozing — Run your Dozers Remotely

MineStar Command for dozing offers multiple levels of remote control and even semiautonomous operation. Whether you choose the over-the-shoulder remote control console or the remote operator station, your operators can have full control of the dozer without being exposed to dust, noise, vibration or other hazards. With semiautonomous dozing, a single operator can manage up to four machines from a remote location—boosting productivity and safety.

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Command for Dozing

Command for Hauling — Take Command of Your Hauling Operation

Command for hauling leverages other MineStar capabilities to provide the fully integrated operation of  autonomous mining systems. Autonomous trucks operate safely around other equipment, light vehicles and personnel. Command trucks respond to calls to the shovel, move into position, haul to dump points and even report for  maintenance — all  without an operator on board.

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Command for Hauling

Command for Underground — Addressing Underground Challenges

Command for underground enables remote operation of load-haul-dump machines, providing immediate productivity and efficiency gains and improving safety by removing operators from hazardous environments. Options range from simple line-of-sight to full autonomy. 

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Command for Underground

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Learn more about the capabilities and applications available as part of Command — as well as how to get started on your autonomy journey — in this informative handout.

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