Safety Training Products

It doesn't matter if your organization needs to improve safety or if it hit a safety plateau, Caterpillar Safety Services' safety training products can take your safety performance to the next level. We believe safety training should go beyond compliance. It should engage all levels of an organization with effective ways to communicate, give recognition and implement accountability for safety. With these resources organizations experience a shift in the safety culture as they strive for safety excellence. 

These safety training products can be purchased individually or as an instructor-led workshop. The following products support leaders and / or employees to:

  • Communicate clearly, effectively and openly about potential safety concerns
  • Learn sincere, timely, positive recognition techniques
  • Develop and implement accountability throughout the organization

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Worksite Discussion

Our Speak Up! & Listen Up! training addresses both sides of the coin in terms of safety feedback. Learn how to give proper safety-related feedback and at the same time assure that the message is being properly communicated to all workers.

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S.T.A.R.T. Program

S.T.A.R.T Safety Leadership Training Program helps your company follow a path to zero-incident performance with a flexible program to enhance management principles at the workplace.

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Onsite Recognition

This training will help your leadership team and supervisors recognize when workers are doing things correctly and acknowledge it, reinforcing a culture that rewards safety excellence.

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On The Front Line

Worksite Conversation

On The Front Line is a training program to help leaders define tasks, measure performance and recognize safety excellence which ensures personal accountability for safety throughout the entire organization.

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Safety Training Workshops

Develop the safety leader in you by attending a safety training workshops or scheduling one for your organization. Topics vary from Supervisor Training in Recognition Accountability Techniques and Effective Communication to Job Hazard Analysis/Root Cause Analysis and Integrating Safety into Project Management. Discover the learning objectives for each workshop, and register for scheduled workshops in your region.

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